St Andrews University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider my school to be very involved with the student body. There a great deal of hands on experience with your field of study. Since the school is has a small ratio of students, there is a lot more one on one time with your professor. If you went to a larger university you wouldn't have as much opportunity to receive the devotion you need. The small population also gives you more opportunity to make lifelong friends.


I would consider the atmosphere of St. Andrews to be the best thing about the school itself. The students here are fun loving and spirited and our professors love to work with us and help us in any way they can. The land around our school is rural and peaceful and it adds up to be a great place to live. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at SAU and would love to continue my education here until the very end. I feel very confidant and happy here. I am happy to have had the opportunity to attend SAU.


I love the dedication to the students and the small classes. You really get to know your professors and you can get help easily. This allows for better grades and more in depth knowledge of the subject/s taught. Also, the campus is very small and you don't get lost easily.


the openness of the community in the college

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