St Bonaventure University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


St. Bonaventure is best known for is Fransican values which promote teaching others with respect. The majority of people found on this campus are friendly individuals who treat others respectfully.


Well, I myself am still getting used to and becoming familiar with my school, but from what I have heard others say, there are many things that our school is well-known for. I hear from some that we are well known for our basketball team, others say it is our degree programs and standards, others say it is our community behavior towards one another and the spirituality we share - and our ability to share that attitude and spirituality with others! This would have to be the most common one I have heard people say. We are like family!


My school is best known for the excellent journalism program they have. My school is known for their caring community and kind students.


The atmosphere of the university is very united and supportive. We are known for a strong community and as well as our basketball reputation. It is truly a fun and exciting environment especially on weekends. While going out, chants are heard through the streets as well as in the bars, "Lets Go Bonnies" or "Bona... Bonas.....Bonas..."repeatedly. Everyone feels like they belong no matter if they're just visiting for the weekend. Basically, we're a small school full of ton of caring students, and professors. It's a home away from home!


St. Bonaventure is best known for the party atmosphere.


My school is best known its journalism, business, educations, and biology programs. The school is also known for loyal and enthusiastic alumni. They are also known for the friars on campus.