St Bonaventure University Top Questions

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St. Bonaventure provided the small town feeling that I was familiar with growing up. It was important to me that professors were able to get to know me. I did not want to be a student in a class with 100s of students being lectured too. I feel that my professors were able to teach in ways that reached out to many learning styles because of the flexibility of having small class sizes.


Architects built the campus buildings similar to what St. Francis of Assisi might have lived in during his time in Italy. The terracotta roofs are very pretty and the 151-year-old campus has a lot of history . The Alleghany Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to the area.


My school is small, it is called a town by itself. We all feel welcome and like part of the community. Besides that everyone is on a first name basis. You are a person not just a number like at some larger schools. But also we have snow at campus from October until April making the atmosphere one of a kind. The sports teams are also called the "Bonnies" making it a one of a kind thing at all sporting events.


It is a campus that has a very close-knit feeling to it. It's like when you go to Bonaventure, you are a part of something bigger than yourself. The teachers care a lot about the students, the student body supports the area often, and there is no such thing as a place in town where the students aren't joyfully welcomed by the community.


Saint Bonaventure is a small school with friendly, amazing staff and students. Because it is such a small school it is very easy to make friends and get to know everyone. The teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable and it is easy to get to know them on a personal level too. The education one recieves is fantastic; it is easy and fun to learn here. The campus also adds to the wonderful experience because it is beautiful and the surroundings are very scenic. Also, everything is near each other which makes traveling easier between things, especially during the seasons.


We are a school based on Franciscan values, and we have a very strong sense of community. We refer to ouselves as living in the "Bona bubble" because it is like a family here.


It is a tight knit community. Even though you may have your own group of friends you still get along with many people on campus. Even while traveling, if you happen to be with people you may not know you will end up making friends. Bonas is a very friendly place to go.


Overall campus environment is warmer than most.


Small School! The basketball games are intense and fun to attend, and you get to know almost everyone on campus just like in a little town.


smaller classes, everyone knows eachother and gets along


The atmosphere


It is small and has a very tight knit community. People are very friendly and it is very easy to make friends.