St Bonaventure University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


You have to be a person with a goal and desire. You have to be motivated and willing to work hard. You have to able to get involved and study hard. You have to go over and above all things. You are a unique student and person. You will achieve whatever you dream .


A person who is motivated and strives to do well in school. A person who enjoys meeting new people and going to various social events and activities.


Someone who is looking for an education that offers them the knowledge of religion and philosphy without having to be a theology or philosphy major.


A person who is looking for a school not too small and not too big. This school also is concerned with all students graduating and it is easy to get help.


The type of person that wants to excell and feel like they belong at their school. This is the Bona family and we take care of our family. Some one that wants to be respected and apart of something bigger than themselves they should come to Bonas.