St Bonaventure University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Well I wish I'd known that there was nothing to do here and that the food wasnt that great. Also, that you need to check out more than one place before deciding where to go for college.


The amount of snow it has and more of the campus rules. Also more information about each major and a better understanding of how the courses work. As well as the off campus oppurtunities and how to get involved in local organizations.


I graduated from a two-year college before transferring here. I wish I had taken the time to be more attentive to my resume, because now as a Senior, it is difficult to remember the names and dates of all the awards, honors, and jobs I have held in the last four years since high school.


I would have liked to have known wich residence hall is the best to stay in because where you live is extremely important. Along with that I would have liked to know what the the process is for assigning roommates and what one can do if there are problems. More importantly, though, it would have been nice to know what there is to do in the town since it is so small. I think it is important to know whether the school is a "party school" as well.


Before coming here, I wish I had known my roommate. Other wise, I would not be her roommate.


Cold winters.


nothing. live the dream.


That there is a large party atmosphere




That the prices rise each semester and make it more and more difficult to enjoy school and now worry about money issues.


The increasing tuition and the construction. I also wish I knew that my parents would be getting divorced before I came to school because of financial reasons.