St Bonaventure University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?

Jennifer P

the unity of catholicism to help each other


Bonaventure does its best to promote Franciscan values - giving back to the community, your fellow man and God. It offers plenty of community service-type activities. The friars and nuns on campus do their best to make the students feel at home. Bonaventure is very casual. Students are more out of place if they wear designer labels then if they don't, and most come to class wearing only pajamas or sweatshirts.


That they have helped me to find myself and what I am good at.


Everyone is so friendly and it truly is a journey to finding ones self.


The best thing about my school is the mountain retreat where the Franciscan priests let us come and unwind when school or campus life becomes too overwhelming. They will make us dinner, listen to our problems, hold a special service or mass for us to rejuvenate our spirits. It is like a home away from home. I actually made my decision to come to this school on a senior overnight to the mountain--I met my future roommate and felt like I was at home.


There is such a community atmosphere here. It is very easy to feel at home. Due to this our campus has been dubbed the "Bona Bubble." I also love how our Fransican heritage plays such a large role here. There are so many clubs, activities, volunteer opportunities, and study abroad options available. For a small school there is a lot offered to the students and the majority of the professors are fantastic!


The best thing about this school is the friendly people, 2:3 people that attend this college are very good people.


everyone gets along with everyone, professors are great, parties rule, small town where everyone knows everyone. its a great community. go bonas


Strong school spirit. Friendly, welcoming student body. Knowledgable, helpful professors.


friends, social atmosphere


Small class size. Great social life. Great outdoor activities.


Everyone is really friendly for the most part and it is a close knit community. I like the personal attention that you get from professors if you are having a problem with something in the class. Most professors are more than willing to put time aside to help you. All the students are friendly and their are no Fraternaties or Sororities to get you distracted from school work. It is a great school other than the price to come get education here.


I really love how everyone (faculty and students) are so inviting. Everyone seems to care about each other. There isnt a day that goes by that I wouldnt say hi to a stranger at this school, I feel that everyone is genuinely friendly. Social responsiblity is very important to me which is why I chose this school; I am surrounded by people who care about themselves, environment, and others.