St Catherine University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Good group of students, lots of diversity.


Intelligent, motivated, open-minded ladies of various ages and racial/socioeconomic backgrounds.


My first day of school is on September 5th 2012, which means that I have not started yet. But I have visited a couple of times through out the summer for orientaion and other events at my school and so far I have met the most amazing people that I will be attending some of my classes with! A lot of the students there are very nice and they give other students advice for the future. Theres plenty of great opprotunites to join alot of clubs to meet new friends.


My classmates are energetic, friendly, inviting and easy to start up a conversation with at any point in time.


This is an all girls school so estrogen levels are high around here. The school's admission requirements are lax, so don't come here to be surrounded by smarter girls or someone to compete with.


My classmates are supportive and outgoing women who come from different backgrounds and are united to obtain good college education.


Very strong femenist who are very dedicated to school.


My classmates are intelligent and open-minded, as well as encouraging.


Students here are dedicated and enthusiastic about the subject and are willing to help anyone.


My classmates at the College of Saint Catherine are very welcoming. The students and faculty at St. Kates are very involved in everything around school. The classes at this university are discussion oriented so most of the students are very talkative and discuss different issues. Being at an all girls university allows me to feel more comfortable around the other students and to no feel judged by what I say.


Being all-girls, my classmates are very open and vocal and passionate about their views but at the same time, we're all accepting of other people's opinions and we all whole-heartedly respect one another.


I have a small class size and my teachers are awesome! Everyone knows everyone and gets along well with each other. When a student is absent and asks for notes, classmates are willing to give them copies. My classmates are friendly and very diverse. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. These group norms somehow come together in our college to make classes a fantastic environment. We all have different majors that will collaborate with one another in our future jobs.


My classmates are caring, helping indivicuals who are willing to go beyond expectaions socially and academically.


Most of the classmates were brilliant, highly motivated, future-minded women.


My classmates are collaborative, supportive women.




Diverse in everysense of the word, from background to inteligence, which allows for a wide variety of ideas and discussion.


Students are here to learn, and are acedemically focused. They are focused more on school and go else where for social life, not on campus.


The students are friendly and intelligent.


My classmates come from all ethnic groups, ages, and situations in life. If ever I needed advice , my classmates could provide it.