St Catherine University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think that a lot of people have bias's against St. Catherine's because it is an all girls school and that is basically what it is known as to a lot of people my age. I started looking into it though and found that it is also known for fanastic programs that look amazing on job applications.


When people hear about St. Kate's, the fact that usually sticks with them is that it is an all-girls Catholic school. What they don't realize is that those women come from all different kinds of cultures and religions, with all different kinds of ambitions, personalities, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. And yet, despite the immense diversity and forward-thinking policies, the community of students, staff, and faculty at St. Catherine University is strong and inspiring. No one who attends St. Kate's leaves with only an education; they leave with connections, friends, and a history.


St. Catherine University is best known for an all women, Catholic universit. It's wise known for it's Nursing program. Also St. Kate's is known for it's teaching to Lead and Influence women. Overall, It's a small campus and have a beautiful campus.


This school is best known for their welcome and friendly feeling. Also the nursing and physical therapy degrees at St. Catherine is very well known.


College of St. Catherine is known for its Nursing major.


Their nursing program, and being a catholic private college


The college of St. Catherine is best known for their nursing program.


St.Catherine University is best known for its great repitation and being the nations largest womens school. People feel honored to graduate from St.kates because it's such a credible school that teaches you everything you'll need to know to excel in the future. St.kates is also known for its remarkable nursing program , it is one of the best nursing schools around. St.kates is not only known because of its major but because its a great school where everyone feels welcomed and appreciated in one way or another.


Saint Catherine University has an amazing nursing program, and that's why I chose to go there. The campus is small, which I love! I get to know my professors better there at a smaller university than I would at a bigger one with huge class sizes. So with the nursing program and a small community feel to it, St Catherine University is better than I ever thought it would be. It is so diverse and accepting of other beliefs. It's a catholic school, but they don't pressure their students to be catholic. It's an outstanding school!


My school is best known for the Nursing and American Sign Language programs. A majority of the students that attend St. Catherine are prospective nursing or American Sign Language Students . These two programs are very popular among the students at St. Kate's. However, overall the academics at St. Kate's are all very challenging and rewarding. Thus, St. Kate's is not only known for the two programs but for a very strong academic setting.