St Catherine University Top Questions

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My school is women empowerment focused, which allows for the students to become connected with their peers as well as the staff.


It is small and has a beautiful campus.


I felt that St. Kate's was very supportive and nurturing for women. Not only from the school as a whole, but from individual teachers as well. I have attended other schools, and nowhere else have I felt that level of support.


St Kates is an all womens college and it is the only all womens college i considered. The learning techniques are structured for women and all female classrooms are something I think every woman should experience.


St. Catherine's University is one of the largest female universities in the United States. St. Kate's focuses on educating women to be leaders in their field, empowering students to achieve at their highest potential. This college is committed to social justice, something that I was looking for in a higher education institution. Core courses required for ever student involved exploration of social justice issues which motivated me to find a profession where I could feel like I was contributing to positive social change.


It's the largest all women university. The staff are friendly and easy to get to know. Most on campus jobs have felixble hours, they tend to be quite easy to accoplimish, but boring. At least you get money and it's part of work study. The campus isn't large so it's easy to get from one place to the next. St. Catherine has something known as ACTC. It allows students to take courses at our sister schools Malcalester, St. Thomas, Hamline, St. Catherine Minneapolis campus, and Ausburg.


the Minneapolis campus is all health care related classes and the teachers are great at teaching and getting the students involed.


Im not sure I have never been to any other schools. I know they take resident students (non transfer) first for the nursing program which makes it easier and less competetive.


It's a school of all girls and it is in the city but feels like its small and not in the city.


Our school is very diversed and the faculty are excellent. Everyone helps each other and when your lost there is always someone willing to help it's just a matter of you reaching out for them. The school is an all girls school, but that does not mean there is not men here some of the faculty are men and there is men out from different schools to take courses here!.


An all women college other than the nursing program.




The College if Saint Catherine is small, having classes that consist of 30 peopel or less. Proffesors are always available and there are endless amounts of resources for help.


we are all women with the same goal: to take over this men world


Its an all female Catholic school. It has two campuses with at least 5,000 students, and you can get any degree from an associates to PHD.