St Catherine University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school is so friendly. Students, professors, and staff all go out of their way to acknowledge you. The school also provides many resources for students to use to help them succeed and do good in school. Teachers want you to do good in their classes and provide help for you if needed.


When I brag about my school to my friends, I usually talk about the beautiful campus and the wonderful people. The women who attend St. Catherine University are kind and compassionate, but also strong and ambitious. Everyone works hard for themselves, but also for each other, and the community is closer than most you will find on a college campus. The campus itself is gorgeous in all weather - green grass, colorful flowers in spring and summer; beautiful changing leaves in autumn; and warm and welcoming buildings in the winter. St. Kate's is like an oasis in the big city.


There are no male students to discourage or mess around you. Everyone at that school is serious and welcoming. Any sort of discrimination is not welcome and is not common here at St. Catherine. It is also a small school so you are less likely to be late to class.


I love how small the classes are and how i can easily get to know everyone in my class. I can get the extra help that I want and can easily get the teacher's attention easily. If I need assistance in anything I know who I can go to and where I can find them without getting lost.


My commuting experience. I have never taken the city buses before but now I'm such an expert. I help out my friends who are new to it when we want to go somewhere. They love my "horror" stories and being with them makes them feel better.


The women here have high expectations for themselves. Not once in class have I seen anybody pretend to be pathetic in order to get out of an assignment that they failed to do. The professors here are very supportive and available to students; they pay close attention to the individual, not just to the homework they turn in. Every campus staff member has been extremely competent and helpful, the campus is gorgeous (it has its own forest and pond!), and the library is very accessible and extremely complete. I couldn?t be happier here.


I usually brag about how well our school is known for our excellent health programs. There's a long waiting list and to even get accepted is a miracle. I am in the Radiography program which has a pretty long waiting list. Our school is the best because we have the nicest teachers that are willing to be flexible with you. Small class sizes is a plus because I don't like big class sizes. Also, most of the textbooks are available for checkout in the library so students don't waste a ton of money for books.


The one thing that i brag most about to my friends when talking about my school is how close we are to our school community. When i talk to my friends, they always seem so distant from their comunity or their college is not really focus on them. My college is all about one on one and it makes you feel special. My friends don't know their important school dates, and always not up to new things. This makes me seem like i am always ahead and on top of things. This is the reason why i brag happily.


The classes are small to provide more individual attention so as to increase learning and success.


St Kates had a strong community feel. When I entered the gates I felt like I was escaping the real world in favor of one where anything was possible. I could spend all day roaming the intimate campus dreaming about the future and gazing at the beauty around me in the midst of the city life. This was the first experience I had in school where teachers didn't have to beg for people to answer questions and raising your hand was seen as admirable rather than indicative of a "suck-up".


The fact that St.Kates is the perfect school for me...the girls on campus are so nice, we dont have to put up with annoying boys, its a nice campus, the teachers are really helpful and its an accreditted school.


I brag about the campus.


It's way too expensive!


The class size and the proffesors. Everyone at school is willing to help you.


The great friends I have made. Also, all that I have learned academically, socially and otherwise.