St Catherine University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


What I consider to be the worst thing about my school is that not many people dorn on the Minneapolis Campus of St. Catherine University. It is such a great school, I wish I could share my dorm-life experience with more students.


One of the worst thing in this school would be not having a variety of electives that we can choose from during registration.


Although the size can be and is good in many ways, housing is pretty limited. you can get it pretty easily, but because theres so little its very expensive.


That it isnt a co-ed school, but just female based.


I love almost everything about my school except two things: parking and general biology II. Parking at St. Kate's is not convenient AT ALL. General Biology II involves plants and that in no way interests me.


The only challenge I faced with St. Kate's was the cost. Private schools are expensive! I now have quite a bit in student loans that I am struggling with due to the economy. I don't regret having to pay for my education, just wish that I had had more financial support from the school.


I think one of the worst things about St. Kates is the lack of school spirit. St. Kates is an all girls school, which means we do not have as many sports teams. While in other schools one a friday night you will see many students walking around in school colors supporting their teams. While we still take pride in our school and do show school spirit, its not the same as like ohter universities. If you really do miss it you could go to a game at St. Thomas.


The worst thing about St Kate's is its' outside reputation. Out of my peer group in highschool, a lot of my friends thought going to an all girls catholic private school sounded horrible. This is not true, because, I believe, if more girls attend this school then there would be more women in the working world, speaking up and changing the world for the better. This school truly empowers women, but doesn't do it but stepping on men, it's all about team work.


I have been fortunate not to have a "worst thing" at my school. As I stated above the administration is frustrating but not any worst than other universities.


There are no men, it is a catholic all girls school. But I enjoy being the strongest personality in the room and wouldnt like the competition of a man trying to take that position.


While St. Catherine's is a close community, there is little room for interaction with students of other majors.


I hate the parking. I am a firm believer that if I pay for my education, the parking should be free, plus the only student lot is outside, and on the opposit end of campus then all the academic buildings.


The worst thing about St. Catherine College is that the school is really small so the social life isn't exactly what one would consider "college life." Also, it is an all girls school so many people leave campus during the week and weekend so campus is dead on weekends so finding stuff to do to take up time on weekends is hard sometimes.


Tuition is too expensive


I noticed that the comunication from student accounts was pretty poor. As I was preparing financing for this current term I noticed that they didn't get back to me very well and the would do things or make decisions without telling me. However, they were experiencing a faculty change so that might have had something to do with it. But it was still pretty hard to work with.


The housing on campus is too expensive but the housing probably wouldn't seem so bad if meal plans were not required. However meal plans are required and the variety and healthy food options are not very numerous. There aren't a lot of vegetarian or non-dairy products available either for food.


The school is very liberal and sometimes hostile to conservative thought.


I am a commuter and i hate the parking that we have here.


too small and very quiet


there's isn't much racial diversity


People challenging my faith including in class. My faith life is my own business, and if people have questions about my beliefs, they should not start class discussions soley focused on me and my beliefs. If they honestly are curious, I am fine meeting with them outside of class.


The shuttle between the campuses only comes once every 40 minutes. . It sucks because if you are talking to your professor or a classmate and you miss the shuttle you have to wait almost an hour for the next one