St Catherine University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Those who should attend this school should be motivated and willing to learn and adapt well to new environment and situation. They should be open minded and also respect the professors and classmates. They should work hard towards their grade and finish things on time without procrastinating. A person who like small class sizes would fit well with this school. I also believe that someone who would want a professor who can be there to help them would fit in this school also.


St. Kate's is a school for open minded, hard-working women. It is a school for those who want to learn and are willing to challenge themselves. It is a warm and friendly place-- people there won't do your work for you, but everyone is always willing to help!


A rich catholic girl.


Students need to have weekend plans, something off campus, or they should like sitting alone in their room on an empty campus. It's a great experience, but don't expect anything too academically rigorous. Be prepared to pay through the nose.


Feminist. Women who don't want any distractions.


Some one who is very interested in their studies. Likes to get involved and help out. We are here to teach women to empower and influence so if that's something that you're interested in go for it!


This is a great school but those who want to attend should have a career of interest in mind already so you will not spend the majority of your time trying to decide what you want to go into because time is money. The school is best known for their nursing program so for those who want to be future nurse's they should find out more about the program.


Determined, motivated, "go-getter" type people. The people I know here are here for school first and foremost. They have great programs in many areas, and the professors are wonderful. People who care about their college education and want to get the most out of it possible should attend St. Kate's. The campus is beautiful and the people are friendly and caring. They offer a great variety of classes and majors, along with clubs, sports, and other activities. It's a great place to meet wonderful people and get involved.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is serious about learning. There are many students who come here that are from different backgrounds related to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and experiences. My experience at this school so far has been positive and I believe that I am learning a lot that will help me with my future goals.


A person who enjoys advanced group discussions, one on one time with the professor, and someone who enjoys many different opportunities to try new things. This school is great for people who are driven to learn and have fun doing it. Great for hands on learners.


A student in pursuit of full graduation credit from Saint Catherine University (St. Kate's) should identify themselves as female, since it is an woman's university. Males are allowed to enroll and graduate, but only with special circumstances. The students of St. Kate's should be commited to her/his studies and have an open mind. Those who enroll should participate in life to their full ability and posess a helpful, determined nature. Before arriving at St. Kate's one should have an idea of their purpose in life, or be willing to find it, no matter the field.


This school is for students who want to be serious students. There is not a lot of partying on campus during the weekends since homework loads can easily take up much of the weekend.


Anyone attending St. Kate's must be open-minded, willing to look at all aspects of life from different perspectives and they must also be willing to put the time in to further their education. St. Kate's may be different from what you were used to growing up with, so be prepared for new experiences.


Anyone can attend St. Catherine University, that's the beauty of it. They are open to learning new ideas from other cultures and have many clubs and programs for those that want to get involved within their university. I think the University of St. Catherine is a place for young confident women to go, because it is a womens college. Young women enter this college with a willingness to learn an challenge their beliefs, they come out of it with a greater capacity to listen to others and share their own opinions with the world.


A person who is ready to be acedemically challgened and prepared for the social life to be more or less non-existent.


St. Kates is an all women's college so you need to get along with other females. Someone who is dedicated and willing to put in a lot of hard work. Nursing is our largest major so if you want to be a nurse St. Kates is a good choice.


someone who is very willing to challenge themselves academically and who like to be part of a very tight community.


everyone who wants a really good education and really nice and intimate class sizes should come here.


The type of person who enjoys small classes and has enough money to come without taking out a huge amount of loans. Someone who doesn't know what they want to do for a career would be very well off here, due to the liberal arts education.


A female who is not afraid to work her butt off because the payoff is worth it.


A female who enjoys discussion-based classes, wants to be away from the distraction of males in the classroom, and wants to empower herself should attend St. Kate's. She should not be afraid of racial diversity, nor should she be against cultural awareness. She should be prepared to be in a more peace-oriented school with liberal tendencies.