St Catherine University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Based on a individual preference, students who shouldn’t consider attending St. Catherine university, are student who learn better in larger class size and enjoy the Wide variety of majors and courses. Our school isn’t a good fit for students who enjoy the greater social activities, and the diversity of the student population. However, even if our university isn’t fit for that individual , a person personality, interests, and choices will make their college experience different from anyone else’s.


I think that everyone is open to attend St. Catherine! This school is awsome, everyone is welcome to apply to the campus, even though this is an all woman school there is a majority of men from other Universities such as Augsburg, St. Thomas and others that also take classes at St.Kates. St. Catherine is a really great school, what they look for in students is very fair! You must be very motivated, impress your teachers with as many questions as possible, turn in work on time, be organized and always stay on track. Nobody judges!


Those who do not prefer a friendly, enjoyable, and challenging school environment should not attend St. Kate’s.


A person who can't work with woman for a few years because there are women who attend this school who want to transfer out just because they say they are "tired of going to school without men". Also woman who don't have the money for it. Loans are good but it's better to think about the interest gained in the end because it will be way more than intitially planned.


People who want to go to college to party. St Kate's is an all girls school, and many of the girls attending this school know how to have fun, but are very determined people there to get an education. If they cared more about partying, they would have gone to a coed school. If you don't want to attend college to learn and better yourself, than this wont be the place for you.


Someone who wants to do a lot of dating ( St. Kate's is an all women's campus), someone who wants a large school/campus, someone who is not willing to put a lot of effort into their schoolwork, someone who doesn't want to live in the middle of a big city


This is a university for women, so this school isn?t for the boys. I wouldn?t recommend attending if you don?t plan on working hard, because your professor will notice if you do a halfway job on your assignments. Don?t go to this school if you want to be an island unto yourself; most classes include a lot of interaction between students, and the classes are small, so anonymity is impossible. This is not a place for passive observers, people who don't like to express opinions, or people who ignore social issues.


The College of St. Catherine (CSC) undergraduate program is all-women, so men shouldn't attend. Women who don't want to change the world should not attend CSC. nor should women who are inflexible in life and unwilling to attempt new things all the time. Women who lack a loving heart should not attend. Finally, women who are incapable of believe in capabilities of women should definitely not attend CSC.


A person that should not attend St. Kates is a woman who NEEDS to be with guys and party 24/7. People who are looking for the "usual" college experience that would be typically found in a public, big university. St. Kates is generally not a party school, the women who attend college here and like to party find one off campus. usually.


People who need to party every week shouldn't attend this school since their is a no drinking policy on campus. If you feel that you can't live without being surrounded by men. Of course there are some male students, but not a lot and they are often from other colleges through the ACTC program.


I am not sure, there are seems to be at least a few people here of every personality, opinion and belief. I would say it is good to keep an open mind, there is a lot of discussion that goes on in the class room and one can not take everything personally. There can be alot of gray fields, practically nothing is black and white. Acceptance is a big thing on campus, so once again its good to keep an open mind. If your open you will probably find someone who shares your opinions and beliefs.


A person that likes to party hard and just float through school should not consider attending St. Catherine.


Somebody that likes to go out and party all the time and doesn't put that much focus and hard work in to their school work. One has to be very focused on school work to achieve good grades.


People who enjoy the High School atmosphere where there are popular kids and jocks. Because the High School cast system is not in effect here. People from the city with an open mind should not attend because there are many small minded girls from small towns who are very racist.


People who like to party a lot. Partying usually doesn't happen to often here. Someone who will slack off. St. Kate's work isn't easy and a lot of time and effort is needed but it is worth it.


Someone who doesn't understand the quality of education they can receive if they work hard and stay focused. Also, someone who isn't willing to work hard to earn the grades and education they receive.


MEN. Girls who are going to college JUST to find men. Women that don't want to graduate in 4 years.


A person who is very conservative and someone who is not going into nursing shouldnt go here.