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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to myself while I was a high school senior I would tell myself to not worry as much and have fun. My whole senior year I was worried about how I am going to pay for college and how I was going to live so far away from my family. All the while I wasn't taking the time to spend with my family or to just have fun. I wish I could tell myself to relax and that everything will work out in the end. I still am working on paying for school, but it is working out. I am working through it day by day, and in the end when I am finally done with school, it will be worth the stress and effort I've been putting in.


As a high school student, everyone gets anxious when it comes to thinking about their future as a college student. The distance away from home, new surroundings, making new friends, challenging classes. I'm hear to say that I have survived the anxious gitters and first impressions of the college life. If I could go back in time and talk to my self as a high school senior, I would give myself a lot of helpful advice. My most important word of advice is to be confident in yourself no matter what. You need confidence in your school work to get good grades. Confidence in yourself when meeting new people. Confidence in exploring your new surroundings. At first, I was very shy in college. It was hard for me to meet new friends, get good grades and learn more about my school and what it had to offer. Throughout my first semester I gained a lot of confidence and am now able to enjoy my college life with amazing friends, good grades and an active participant in all my school has to offer. Confidence can help your new transition a fun, positive time in your life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I now know about college and making the transition I would have told myself to not ever give up. I would have told myself to study harder and focus on what my "weakness" was. I would have told myself to use my resources around me to pass my math proficiency so that I would have been able to have a smooth transition from high school to college. I would have told myself that all the hard work would pay off, and that whatever dreams and aspirations I had, it was me who was going to take charge by the decisions I would make. Knowing what I know now I would have told myself to go straight into college, and not take any time off. I now know that all the things that we were taught in that last year was only to prepare you as a person to achieve a higher education, and for the real world.


Many high school seniors are counting the days until graduation. They will pack their bags, venture off to college, select a major, and anticipate impacting the world. However, the transition between high school and college can be somewhat daunting. College requires making responsible decisions, which will ultimately reap huge dividends in achieving your educational goals. If I could rewind time to my high school days, I would give myself some very practical advice reguarding college. First, you MUST develope soild study habbits. As a college freshman, I am learning daily that persistent hard work and dicipline are key to my educational success. When it comes to studying, do not settle for mediocrity. Raise the bar for yourself! A strong work ethic is a fundamental foundation for all you do in life. Secondly, keep an open mind when choosing career goals. Research various fields of study which interest you, thereby broadening your horizons. There is an educational world of opportunity just waiting for you to explore. Lastly, pursue a school which allows you the freedom to grow and excell acdemically and socially. This will certianly enrich your acdemic experience, and will equip you to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling future.


If i would of known that attending to a college or university would be hard, I would of gave all my effort on my studies at school. Having good grades it's tuff but it can be done. I would of been like "Jeffrey, B's and C's won't work". You need to start getting A's in all your classes. Sadly I had nobody to tell me these words but little by little i started to realize It. "Jeffrey it's your last year, it's your senior year and you need to start getting ready for college". "Those A's can still be done dont give up" I did my best honestly I think is to late. I didn't give up i knew with the help of my teachers and God things can be done. "Jeffrey don't forget your father's words" "Make your family feel proud of you" " That even though your parents came a long way to give you the best life they can give you, don't let them down" One Thing that I always remember where my father's words ; what you know is what you know.


There are many things I would tell my high school self. Don't worry so much about the future. Live in the now, because it gets better! Don't feel like nothing will change. The stories I could tell you about the wonderful people you will meet and the amazing classes you will take would blow your breath away. Get out and do something fun every once in a while! No one will judge you for going out on a Friday night, and people will love you when you do. When you get to college, you will discover that there are people who will love you for who you are, and not out of pity because you're the new girl. Everyone in their first-year is a new girl, so they will all be going through the same things as you. Keep your chin up and don't worry about what the other seniors think, because in a year there will be people that will love you because of those things that you were made fun of in high school. Never let go of who you are, but do let go of what others expect of you.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowng what i know now about college life and making the transition, one advice that i would give myself is to be patient on choosing a major and to choose a college wisely. For example without knowing what i would want to do as a major, I went into a variety of different major which i wasted my financial money on. I am from a low income family and having the opportunity to be able to attend college was a wonderful thing but not spending my financial wisely have cause me to waste time and money on courses that i don't longer need is a mistake that i made. I also went to the University of MN in my freshman year and realize that it was not the right set of setting for me and then transferred into a smaller college. I believe that being able to choose the right college can affect your learning in many ways.


When I go back in time to my high school senior year, there are four advices that I will like to give to myself as a senior in high school. The most important number one thing to do in college is when the professors tells you to finish going through the class syallbus, you must do it! The syallbus have everything that you need to know about the classes; homeworks,projects, professor's contact, reading assignment, etc. The second impotant thing to do is to talk and get to know your professor well, having a good relationship with your professor is a key for you to do well in class because once when like the professor and the class then you will do well in it. The third thing to do is to ask professor for help when needed and to make the effort to get help from other resources on campus. The fourth major thing to do is to stop parcastinating! It will make your life easier and stress-free! Lastly, I will tell myself that the transaction to college does take a few weeks to adjust to the college life. So, it's okay to miss high school.


Take the time to get adjusted to the change in lifestyle before piling on the academic responsibilities. Join at least one club or attend one event in the first month. Make a point to attend the free events that different clubs organize. Seek out professors for help and learning opportunities.


Take education seriously. In high school I always took the easy way out. I didn’t challenge myself to go beyond since education didn’t seem a big deal to me at the was also made easy through teachers who gave me an education without me demanding or asking for it. However, in college on must claim their education. Upon my transition to college, I came to realize that if I don't claim my education I would never be able to reach my goals. I would have encouraged myself, to value education and change the mind-set I had. Putting education first should have been my first priority.


I would tell myself to study and learn harder. In high school, I found it easier to learn things esspecially with the close bonds I made with my high school teachers. In college, it is a little harder to grasp some ideas and at faster paces. I would have told myself to take school a little bit more seriously because I am a smart person and I am capable of taking challenges. I also would tell myself to do more activities that would help benefit others.


Every teacher in high school would say, "Challenge yourself in high school; broaden your horizons.” Well, Kimberly. You will regret it if you don’t do it. You don’t know how, by suffering horrendously in high school, that it could prepare you for your future college classes. Accelerated classes in high school are accelerated for a reason. By pushing yourself to do those classes, you could be acing classes in the future! You could be sitting in your future lecture classes thinking, “Oh! I remember this! I know how to do it!” But instead, because you decided not to push yourself to do the utmost that you could do, you’re stuck in college—at times wondering how these other girls know this or that without putting much thought or effort into it. Kimberly, I dare you to challenge yourself. Don’t lose motivation! Keep striving in what seems to be a tortuous chamber of knowledge that may someday lead you to a world of ease and comfort. I know what you're capable of ! Even if you go through it alone, you’ll go far in the future.


The advice I would give myself would be, Getting prepared for a lot of work and what I mean by a lot of work is practicing reading and writing, as a senior if you have open classes do not take a study hall, I would suggest taking an extra curricular class like advance composition, speach, reading, any extra reading or writting classes that would help prep you for all the reading and writing you will be doing your first year of college. Another piece of advice would be practicing your study habbits, If your the type of person that do not like to study, I suggest that you set up a study group with classmates so you can get the hang of studying and make sure you make time to study for about 2-3 hours it may seem long but it is worth it! Another thing is start appying for a lot of scholarships because college is very expensive, also do not apply to the college you are looking forward to going to late because there are many of students turning in applications to college and space is getting filled. Most importantly keep your grades up!


If I could go back and give myself advice, knowing what I know now, I would tell myself not to worry so much!! College is so much fun! It is challenging, but there are so many people who want to help you and see you succeed! I would tell myself about the wonderful friends I have made and of the amazing professors I have gotten to work with! I would tell myself that everything is going to be fine; I made the right decision.


I have always tried my hardest to accomoplish my goals whether they were to get an A in a class, tryout and make a team, or get a job. I am by far my hardest critic, and combined with my determination, there wasn't much I didn't try to succeed at. Looking back to my senior year in high school, I didn't really have that much of a social life as I would've liked. Accomplishing my long term goals required me to sacrifice a lot of the fun I could have had. Instead of going to a football game or a movie, I usually was at one of my two jobs. I worked hard to put myself through the first year of college, but even so my bank account is dwindling and it seems all my effort had gone to waste. I wish I could have just had fun while it was still appropriate and tried to worry about finances later on.


I would have let myself know about what specific classes that have to be taken, also what prerequisites that need to be taken for certain classes. Being in college really makes you look twice at things and make sure that you have yourself covered, that is, you know about what you want to do and to make sure that you stay on track. When some classes seem easy they can turn out to be hard and you need to focus on your homework and make sure that you understand what the material is. Keepin up with grades and the homework is really inportant and it will take more work than you expect. You may spend hours on end workin on problems and only get a few done, but you have to stay strong and do what it takes.


If I were able to go back to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not wait to go to college, do it as soon as possible. The longer you wait to go back to college the harder it is to do. Plus, the sooner you do it the quicker you can move onto your life career. I would also tell myself to get my butt in gear and go to school everyday! That way your GPA won't drop and you can get that huge scholarship. Don't waste time, don't mess around, because high school isn't over until the day you walk across that stage.


I would give myself the advice to be more open to new people. I would also tell myself that being at an all girl's school is not as easy as it may sound, and that highschool love doesn't always last. If your not happy in a relationship in highschool, get out then, don't wait because it gets harder and more stressful in college. People's version of diversity in college is very different from mine. I went to a highschool that was about 65{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} asain, and the other races were fairly even (I am a white woman). At St. Kate's they say they are very diverse, but really it is very white. Also I would tell myself that just because I could get straight A's in highschool doesn't mean I can in college. College is a lot more studying and outside of class work.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to apply for multiple scholarships. I would show myself my tutition bill to scare myself into actually doing it. I would tell myself to save every paycheck I make so I can be more financially stable. I would also advise myself to stay in contact with my advisior and financial advisior to make sure everything is done with and final. With that advice, I would save my future self from a lot of stress and frustration. If I could go back in time and give myself that advice as a senior in high school, then I could be set for college and to not have to worry about the issue of money.


I would tell myself to take advantage of every opportunity that is given to me. I realize now that without education, it is difficult to understand any form of literature. I would tell myself to work harder and learn to read, write and pronounce words earlier. Now that I am in college, I am trying to better myself by working on my reading, writing and phonics, but it is a difficult process. I wish I could go back and tell myself to work at these things while I was in high school.


I would advise myself to remember that college is harder and takes more effort than high school. I did well in both high school and college, but high school was much easier. I didn't have to study in high school and I had thought college would be similar. I was not prepared to study or apply myself when I first started college. If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school self that college takes more work so that I could have time to learn study habits and be more prepared for college.


Pay attention in class and don't cheat! I believe that in college is when our real education counts towards our future. If you don't pay attention in class and you cheat on a test, then you probably lost some valuable information you could've used for the big exam to get your certification. Imagine a student who's majoring to be a neurosurgeon. Now imagine him cheating on his tests because he decides not to pay attention in class. Since he cheated his way through college, he graduated without a problem. Now if you need surgery in the future, and he ends up being your surgeon. How positive are you that he's going to do a good job and you won't die because he decided to cheat his way through school? I don't know about you, but I rather choose the student that actually studied and knows what they are doing rather than the person who is most likely assuming and not assertive as to what he's doing. Who would you choose?


Ask more questions. Visit often and at different times in the week and day. Stay for different lengths of time. Talk to many different people. Just sit and observe people on campus one day. Research, research, research. There are plenty of websites that have the opinions from students attending the college or have attended. Use their wisdom.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have told myself not to worry about what others will think because what really matters is what you think of yourself. I would have told myself to take every opportunity given to you and use it to your advantage to help you become a better and stronger person. I would have, also, told myself to make wise choices, especially money, since college is expensive. The best advice I would have given myself will be to have fun and participate in school activities and make responsible and wise decisions.


While attending college I have learned how to interact with people more. There are so many different people who attend my school and it is a lot different than in High School. It has been a pleasure being able to attend college. It has been valuable to attend because I am furthering my education to have a successful future. I want to make myself and my mother proud and become something wonderful in life and lift some pressure off of my mother's shoulder.


I have gotten a chance to learn more about how to be a stronger women and the teachers are always available to help.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. I have not only learned about the subjects of interest to me but about myself and what I can do in this world. I have learned how to lead conversations, plan different events, lead, follow, take the inniative but most of all be myself. St. Kate's let's me do that. It fosters all the different interests that I have had. For example, as a first year student last year I was so excited to get my hands into some leadership development. By the time it came to second semester I had became a student coordinator for America Reads, a tutoring program that helps bridge the literacy gap, the treasurer for Best Buddies, a Residence Hall Liason, helped plan and gain donations for a charity event on campus and receive all of the academic support I needed to do all of this and get straight A's. As my time here at St. Kate's continues I know I will be supported through whatever my endeavors lead me to and that's what truly is important.


My college experience has helped me find the career path that I have passion in and through my experiences I am able to grow as an individual. Before I started college I remember someone telling me that it is the place where I will be able to find myself. I did not realize how true the words were until I had the chance to experience college for myself. I came into college thinking that I was going to major in biology. Once I took my biology course I realize that it was nothing like what I took in high school and I hated it. I was at a lost in what I wanted to do. Then one day I finally realize that my passion was in helping others who were at a disadvantage because of the barriers that they have such as their language, culture and education. My college experience has been of great value to me because through my experiences I am able to find a career path that I have passion in. Through this career path I will be able to help others make a difference in their lives.


So far, I have gotten more than I could have imagined at St. Kate's. First of all, I have made very close friends that I can truly see myself being friends with for the rest of my life. They, like a lot of other students here, are trustworthy, compassionate, hard-working and all around great people. St. Kate's has also been valuable to attend as a liberal arts university because I have learned a diverse core of skills beyond the required courses for my major. There are opportunities to learn about so many things outside of your major which is good to have. Within my major as well I have learned so much and I know that going to St. Kate's for my major (Nursing) will immensely benefit me in the long run. My college experience has also helped me to grow as a person and decide what exactly who I want to be and what I value in life. This experience has helped me become more tolerant and open-minded and helped me develop into a well-rounded young adult.


Eduation is the most important thing to me. I have a lot of educational goals. I have only elective courses left to complete a 4-year degree, but want to take challengeing courses such as: Computer Programming and Algorithms, Multivariate Calculus, Linear Algebra, etc. I want my last 2 years of college to be very challenging and worthwhile. I do not want to take easy courses to fufill my electives. It is important for me to always be learning something. I enjoy taking courses in the summer as well to stay up to speed. It has been valuable to attend because I am being educated and learning more. I believe I have what it takes to excel in the financial field and have never doubted that. I have never though twice about changing my major.


I got a lot of my college experience. It allowed me to interact with people from different racial, ethnic, religious and social backgrounds; people I normally would not interact with. Through their experiences and outlook, I was able to learn a lot and grow as a person. I started appreciating my own experiences, the people in my life and all the opportunities that have been made available to me. This experience has given me the strength to fight for the things I believe in, and for the people who believe in me. This has been a valuable experience because of what I learned and who I became. Prior to this experience, I was afraid to challenge myself and others. I was afraid of meeting new people and trying new things. I was afraid to express my thoughts and views. I was afraid to be me. I'm no longer afraid, and the possibilities are endless. I'm more focused, confident, and secure in who I am as an individual and who I want to become in the future. This experience made me proud of who I am and my accomplishments.


I have been in college for one semester at Saint Catherine University. Before attending that college, I went to another college for PSEO. Out of my college experiences of 1 1/2 years, I'd say I wish I knew that not all college credits transfer but it has been valuable to attend because I have met lots of people like me who go through the same struggles with transitioning. I have learned that don't put a relationship infront of your education because in the end, the education can never let you down like how your partner can. You can only let yourself down if you set yourself up for failure. I learned that there are always resources, just go out there and find the resource. There are so many helpful people in college who really do believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself. College helps a person truly find their independence and changes their way of thinking.


The teachers at my school are absolutely amazing. They are all beyond brilliant and I have learned so much from them. They are definitely good role models because they have relevant personal experiences to add to classroom discussions. Most of the professors have worked in their field of study for many years before becoming a professor so they are able to guide us through any questions or problems we may have. I love the classroom size as well at St. Kate's. The classes typically have no more than 30 students which is very nice when you need one-on-one help with the professor. My experiences so far at St. Kate's have been great and I cannot wait until I earn my degree!


So far my college experience has impacted me a lot. It has provided me with the opportunity to live independently and make my own decisions. Also, I feel that St. Catherine University is enriching me. I am from a small town and the diversity, and the emphasis placed on diversity, in this University is enabling me to be a well-rounded person. The only thing negative about my college experience is struggling to pay for tuition.


i love to learn. thats all i have to say


Although I havent yet attented college I am truely looking forward toward the oppurtunity to better my life and provide stabilty for my son. Being a single mother it has been extremly hard to come up with the money to attend college but with the current recession affecting everyone minimum wage just wont cut it anymore. With an education I hope to also provide low income families with the resources that everyone should have.


During my college experience I have gained a knowledge of what I want to do with my life. I spent two years at Winona State not knowing what I wanted to do or major in. Finally, I decided that I was going to transfer to St. Kates because of their American Sign Language program. I also wanted to be back in the Twin Cities area so that was a plus. My time at Winona State allowed me to understand where I wanted to go in life. I knew I did not want to major in any program offered there and I have always been interested in sign language so I decided to transfer. I am overly happy with my decision and being at St. Kates has made me realize what I am truly interested in. I feel comfortable here and I have a desire to keep learning about the program. Saith Catherine University is an amazing school and I am honored to be able to say that I am attending it. Being able to receive an education that I love and learning about a program that I am very interested in has been most valuable.


So far, I have only completed a three week orientation session at the University of Phoenix online. I have learned so much already including time and stress managment. Up until now, I have been a scatter-brained single mom of three with no schedule or goals to attain. Now that I have started my college journey, it has given me a goal to strive for which has forced me to create a well-balanced environment. One of my assignments was to make a time log of a typical day in my life and I have been sticking to it. I have noticed a change in my childrens behavior and how they respect me more. They help around the house and even ask about my day at 'school'. I am so excited to be able to take care of my kids on my own, without having to depend on child support or the welfare system.


So far in my college experience I have met wonderful people who have only helped me in the quest to find myself and make my future more clear. College is as much about learning about yourself as it is about learning about a variety of other subjects. Thanks to the liberal arts structure, you learn many different topics which helps you become open minded to the possibilities your life could take. By having classes of many topics you can find ideas and fields that you would not have otherwise considered for your future. Only looking into one field and nothing else as some colleges have you do closes off many opportunities to learn about yourself and your interests. I entered college an undecided major, and the professors have been a great help to me in figuring out what path I would like to take with my life. And really, isn't that what it's all about? Finding our true vocation, what we were meant to do with our lives.


I think that having a college experience is very valuable because, as I have laerned, it is a time where you can really explore your interests and find out what kind of person you are and what you want out of life in a way that isn't possible in High School or even in the "real world" to an extent. You meet people who actually share your interests and, in places where students commute like my school, you form real friendships because you have to find time for each other and, more often than not, you won't bother taking time out of your day for people you don't like that much. College is also an excellent way to prepare for independence as you learn time management and the importance of setting priorities. Additionally, I believe that a college education is invaluable in this time and age in which an associate's degree is "preferred" at McDonald's, let alone in this financial climate where you have to compete with those who have decades of expreience under their belt. I really don't think it could ever be a waste to go to college.


I have learned to manage my time and money well, to balance my social life and schoolwork (I tend to focus on the latter), to expect to be challanged by professors to do my best, to solve conflicts efficiently, to make compromises, that I get the grade I earn, and most importantly to put my health first. Professors are very understanding of special circumstances and are willing to make exceptions to policies if you just keep them informed about the situation. I had first hand experience with this when I was going through chemotherapy and attending school at the same time. After the hard year I've had, I'm more motivated than ever a get a degree and pursue my goals. My life is officially a gift and that experience has taught me more than any classroom ever will.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is me, just better. I did get an education from St. Kate's, and that education has helped me to find gainful employment. The thing that I most appreciate from my college experience, though, is finding my voice and my courage. It's almost cliche to say that one discovers one's self in college, but for me, that is very true. Before St. Catherine's I didn't have the courage to live the life I want to live, to study what interests me, or the conviction to follow my dreams. I learned about myself and another way to live while in college. Finding myself has changed my life dramatically. It has also changed my daughter's life dramatically. The value that education has added is immeasurable.


The last time I attended college was over ten years ago and since that time has come and gone quickly, the world with technology has evolved quickly. My duration of attending two difference education institutions I have experienced independence, advance knowledge of the business world and how organizations expand and collapse. Of course all depending on the leader's prospects for the company and it's employees. I have learned that I know what my limitations are and not to have someone else dictate that to me for I know myself. Attending college has rejuvenated my spirit to explore and research hobbies of interest and live out my curiousities. I have noticed through out my career and consistant changes of employment, depending on the situation, that there is not longer a sense of human nature. From what I have read and viewed on the television, what is reality? Life not a reality from what they portray on the media. Reality is being educated , having a degree or more to show you are ready for what they place in front of you. Therefore, to me it is more than valuable to attend college, but a necessity.


From my college experience I have learned the value of hard work. I also realized the value of money. I learned that from what I am paying I must try my best. Because of that, I have earned better grades my first year at St. Catherine's than all four years of high school. I am very gratefull that I was able to attend St. Catherine College and plan on staying there my next three years because they really care for their students. I have goten a lot out of my college experience so far, and I plan on getting even more out of it my next three years here.


I absolutely love my school, I have a few new friends that I know to trust and are very knowledgeable. The teachers here want to help you succeed and are available if I have questions. Also, there are no boys attending this all-girls school, which has it's positive aspects, like no distractions and the not-very-enlightening remarks or questions. I feel like I'm getting the educational experience I'm paying for in a school that isn't it's own city but also not super small. It's a Christian-affliated university, which I think is great because the sisters who started it had a vision of sprituality and education, and I'm proud to be part of that vision in getting a well-rounded education that will have great impact on my life.


The two things I have gotten out of my college experience would be that I know when to push myself and when I need to back out and step aside and who my true friends really are in my life. I did a lot of partying my first semester and I hung out with a not so great crowd the first few months of college, but I realized I wasn't going down the right path and it took a lot for me to break off ties with the old crowd and break my old habits. But my friends encouraged me to get back on track and have fun in moderation and not settle for anything less than I want and always listen to my gut feelings. Those experiences havebeen valuable in that I've been able to regroup and focus all my efforts on the more important things in life like school, work, family, my boyfriend, and my friends. I'm only 2 semesters into college and I've already found a part of myself that I always knew was there, but I just needed a little from my friends to see it.


Don?t burn your bridges. You never know when one of your teachers or parent?s friends could be helpful to you. Their advice and letters of recommendation could make the difference between getting accepted or not. On the other hand, don?t sweat it if some of the people you were friends with in high school don?t maintain contact with you. The summer after graduation will make it obvious who your real friends were the whole time, and it might surprise you. Take the time to apply for scholarships, and make the effort to have some money saved up before you go away to school. You never know when a huge project will make it difficult to make rent. Having that extra $50 stashed away can make all the difference. Explore your housing options. It might be easier to live on campus, but it could end up being more expensive in the long run. And finally, keep your body healthy. College keeps you busy, and your body can fall into disrepair if you aren?t paying attention to its needs. There?s nothing worse than being sick during finals, so do everything you can to prevent it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would say," Don't sweat the small stuff and stop worrying so much! Everything will be okay if you work hard and be honest with yourself." I had such a hard time with home sickness because I worried about the people I was leaving behind (mom) and I was scared about the future. It's been five years now and I am growing up to see that I really didn't leave anyone behind; I brought them with me on my adventure.


There are many things in my life that i wish i could change. If i could go back and talk to myself as a senior, i would tell my self to relax and that everything will be alright. As a senior i was scared of the changes that were happening. I wanted my life to stay the way it was. I was afriad to leave home, have to make new friends, and learn how to live on my own. This year i leanred that the change was a good thing. It showed me that i can surrvive on my own. I now love the independence that i have gained. In high school i was afraid to speak my mind, and to leave my comfort zone. leaving for school was leaving my comfort zone, but it ended up making me a different and more happy person.


if I could go back and time and give myself some advice ; I was ready for college , look for scholarships and prepare myself for what lies ahead of me. If I would have been given the advice to make sure I was ready for college, my transition would have been perfect. I felt as if I was pressured to hurry up and go to school like my fellow peers. I wished I could have taken some time off to figure out my major and know what I wanted to do. Knowing to look for scholarships would have been helpful to. Being in school and having to take out numerous loans, paying out of pocket is very stressful. I wished when I was a senior I would have been more serious about college , how I was going to afford it and using the options I had around me. Another piece of advice I would have given myself was to be prepared mentally and physically for what college has to offer me.