St Catherine University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I haven't started at St. Catherine University yet, but I wish I would have known about it before I applied for so many more schools. I kind of wasted money applying for colleges that really weren't for me, and then I found St. Catherine University and fell in love. It may be an all girls school and it may be expensive, but it is definately worth it.


That it does not have the best Finance program


I wish I knew the dates of when the tuition bills were due and more about how much the finances costed. It ended up being way more than expected due to dorming and books expenses. I also wish I knew more about loans and how they work.


I wish I had understood how expensive the school really is and how difficult it is to get financial aid.


I feel like I was very educated about the school. I researched it thoroughly before I decided to attend.


I knew that that classes at St. Kates were discussion based but I wish I would have known how to lead discussions and participate in them better. I attended a small high school and was comfortable around everyone but we never had to discuss anything. I wish i would have a better knowledge on how to not feel so inferior and participate more.


I wish that I would have been told about the classes, which ones to take, etc. I don't want to waste money and time, but so far, it's been all right. Also, what I could do to take advantage of my education like classes or activities.


That's a good question. Where the College of St. Catherine is located is in a relative large city and I am from a very small city. Ever heard of Belle Plaine, Minnesota? Social interactions are a little different between the two cities and that would have helped me a little if I would have known. I would have liked to try harder to see what additional finicial aid would have been available to me. It seems no matter what college one attends, college is expensive. I think it would be more beneficial for colleges to be more affordable.


The one thing that i wish i would have known before coming to Saint Catherine University is realizing how much help and information there is out there around you. Also, how much people are willing to help you just to get to college or finding the money to be able to go to college since money is always the one thing that really gets to people. College may be expensive but it realy depends on how bad you really want it. If you open your eyes and mind more, you will see how much possible things can happen for you.


To give it a chance. I hated CSC my first two years. If i knew now, what I knew then, I would not have doubted myself and the school at every turn. i would have not waited two years to get involved on-campus and I would have tried harder in classes and to meet people. I wishI had known how much I could love my school now, when i was applying then. i wish I had known how important CSC would become to me once I gave it a chance.


I wish I would hav eknown about their flexible schedules and support of nontraditional students sooner, so that I would have attended sooner.


I knew which program I wanted to attend I thought I would just go to school for that. No one told me I had to finish generals first. I could have saved ALOT of money going to a community college the past 2 years.


I wish I had known that I was going to be a Chemistry major, because I started as a nursing major.


about the student's experiences here


I wish I had already known I wanted to go to medical school. Then I wouldn't have decided to go to such an expensive school for my prerequisites. I also wish I had better developed study habits but atleast I have had a lot of oportunities to develope them here.


Working affects your GPA, the more you work the less time you have to study and the less you study the lower your grades, but you cannot not work becasue school is expensive.


I wish I had known how cold it would be in Minnesota!


I wish I had known that it is helpful to live on campus to build connections.


It was suggested to me before I came to this school that it might be somewhat difficult to get into the nursing program because I was a transfer student and the spots in the program are given first to the students that have been going there the longest (or started going there right out of high school). However I have found out that it is impossible to get into the program by transferring. I recently found out that it will now take me 6years to complete my BSN and I'm kinda stuck here paying a lot of money.


I wish I have known about the finicial aid.