St Francis College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could go back in time, to my senior year of highschool, I would give myself a lesson of what to expect. Due to the fact that i am an only child and my mom only went to community college, i had no idea what to expect, what to bring, and what not to bring. I would tell my highschool self not to worry, dont stress as much, youll make new friends and you will not be a lone. This is imporant to keep in mind because going to a different state, not knowing anyone can be very scary and it is very scary. But do not worry young Kayla you will make excellent friends and you will figure out ways to make money to help buy groceries.


i would tell myself which major i really want to do and what to expect from college and to work harder and faster. Since at first i have changed my major from enjeering to business i have lost a lot of credits and at first did not take much classes thats why i was behind one semester now i know how it is and couldve told told myself to take more classes to finish quicker and get my degree faster


I wish I had graduated from high school earlier and gained an advantage to start college quicker. College is stress free and very encouraging. I am looking forward to achieving my major.


college is alot different than high school. you have less time to make up work, harder time keeping your grades up but i've also learn responsibility and a strong desire to keep to my goals but to also have fun in college and be my utmost best. it's been valuable to attend because so many stuff in class i learned that i never learned before. for e.g. music of the western world. . .i knew very little about the music history and how it all started and along the way i learned about the 5 different periods of music and the composers and learning to diffrentiate what composer from what piece just by listening. and my professor made all the more fun with his jokes and his take on it and very informative.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior the advice I would give myself would be first take my SAT's and go straight to a four year college. I did not take my SAT's in highschool, Therefore, I went to a community college and obtained my assosciate's degree. After graduating highschool I took some time off and then decided to go to school. That was a big mistake. I would tell myself that a college degree is very important and not only does it open career paths but it's a self accomplishment. I would suggest to visit different college campuses and really think about what my major would be. I would tell myself that in order to have success in life its a must to attend college & obtain a degree. I would also emphasize on how school has to be my only one priority. The number one key to success in life is an educaton. The last little bit of advice I would give would be "Think of when you have your kids, you want them to say my mother is a professonal. She graduated from Saint Francis College!"


Choose wisely. Most of the more expensive universities offer the same programs as the less expensive ones. In the end it's your degree that matters so why pay 45,000 when you can pay 4,000. Stay focused. By learning to make good decisions early and managing your time effectively you will be better equipped for a sucessful future. Lastly, you're cool. It doesnt matter if you love the history channel or that you like to read Foriegn Policy on your downtime. People will appreciate those qualities in you so don't comprimise yourself or your abilities for anyone.


If I could go back in time I would tell the excited and ambitious girl of my past that times would get hard, but in the end it would all be worth it. At times you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel or you may be extremely discouraged, but always be prepared with a plan because not having a plan is planning to fail . Never be afraid to ask for help or advise. or to get toknow your professors and stay in touch. Start looking for all kinds opportunities to volunteer, it will make you into a more well rounded and stronger person. It is not going to be easy, but use your time wisely and stay positive. And finally, I would tell myself to choose a more affordable school, where the stress of money would not interfere with your desire to excell such as taking a class over again because you want to master the material and earn an A rather than a B or C. Education is the foundation to a productive and happy life, there is nothing more powerful than developing the skills to reason.


Study hard! College isn't easy. Pick a college that fits you, where you'll feel comfortable. Don't pick a college just because your friends are going there or because it's an ivy league college. Pick what will fit YOU.


From my point of view, choosing a college to attend can be very stressful but always choose a college that relates to your personality, that can be afforded by you and will let the attendee enjoy college life while preparing him/her for a great career. The teacher and student ratio should be considered too (how small or big the school is). For instance, I love my school because its a small private school that awards academic scholarship and awards non academic grants. There's a great relationship between faculty and students. Alot of social activities, work study program, athletic activities opened to all interested and good study broad programs with financial aid. And the tuition is affordable although its a private college. The school fits my personality and am enjoying college life as well. Choosing a good college depends on what you want ,its affordabilty as well as how willing you are to make your college life one to always remember!


Look for a school that fits your individual needs and academic goals.


It all comes down to who you are and what you like and what career goals you have. To make the most out of a college experience is hard for me to judge thus far due to lack of experience.


take your time to find out what you really want to do and go to a school that allows you to dabble in everything


Where ever the student thinks he or she will be happy, thats the most important.


It is difficult to find the school that is perfect for you. Even when you think it may meet all your desires, once you get there you may not feel the same. Think about school in terms of benefits. For example, my school is not the largest, and I do not have a bunch of sororities to join, however, I am in the middle of the best city in the country, with a million opportunities to do anything my head can think up. If you are taking out loans, make those loans worth it. Make the money you spend worth it. Do not stay in one place because it is the most practical but you are miserable. Why not make this the best time of your life (as everyone says it is) even if it costs a little extra in loans. Study Abroad! Experience the world you live in. Experience as much as you possibly can! Once you get started in a career you may not have the opportunity or the time again. Make the most of your life!


To the students I would say pick a college that will get you a job in the field you would like to do for a living. Do not ever forget about that. To the parents if you can not afford it and your child wants to go make them take out loans. Do not hold your kids back because of a financial situation, thats what government aid is for.


Look into whether or not the student wants a campus life experience, whether or not the student wants to stay at home or dorm. How much the tuition is and if there are available scholarships and financial aid. Also, look into if a highly populated or smaller school is desired.


If financial aid is an option and covers a great portion of the tuition, or you simply have the money to cover the tuition, I would suggest that you seek a larger college/university. However, overall St. Francis College has wonderful professors who are very accessible. I attended a much larger university and accessibility to your instructors was a lot more difficult. Moreover, if you intend on attending a small, cheap, and private college then St. Francis College is a great choice.