St Francis College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is a small college with great diversity and the professors are excellent to cater to each students needs.


the best thing about my school is the activities, scholarships, the people, some of the professors, the gym fitness room and the swimming pool, and the food.


The best thing about Saint Francis College are the professors. You build a relationship with the professors. You learn, interact and improve your knowledge when listening to their experience in the field. For example currently two of my professors right now are in the economic industry & accounting industry and Im amazed of how successful they are. It makes you reflect that college is not easy and you have to work hard but in the end all that work is well worth it.


One of the best programs that St. Francis college has is the Academic Enhancement Center, where you can get one on one tutoring. The atmosphere is encouraging and they do their best to help you succeed. It's nice to know there is always someone around to help you even though you may feel like you have hit a brick wall. They are not there just to give you answers, but to help you understand and appreciate the material.