St. Gregory’s University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Entering college is exciting, but do not lose focus of why you are really here. Yes, there are going to be partys and places you want to go, but you need to go to all of them. Before you know it, the semester is going to be over and finals will be around the corner. During the beginning of the semester, take advantage of any free time possible; get ahead with your work so you will not have to stress out at the end of the semester. There will always be opportunities to hang out with friends or go places, but do not forget about that test coming up or that eight page essay in Sacred Scritpure. Have fun the first semester, make mistakes, make new friends and do not forget the old friends. The first year of college is fun, but it is even better when everything is taken care of. It may seem like a broken record to hear people say do this and do not do that but it is really beneficial if you take their advice every once in a while, they actually know what they are talking about.


I know from experience that a college degree is not necessary to succeed in the world today, but with the knowledge and prestige you recieve from a formal education, it makes anything your doing easier and opens up many more opportunities. I run a Home Care Agency for seniors, but among my peers feel very underqualified and inexperienced. I am working on my degrees in Social Services and Business for a better footing in my business.


My second semester in college I had to drop out because my uncle was diagnost with cancer and he lived out of state. While I was in college I learned that even though math in high school was easy for me and I got to trig, college mathamatical concepts were very challenging for me because it wasn't about numbers, which was my strong point, it was about theories. I also learned that english was also very easy for me through life with writing essays, punctuation, and spelling, but being out of college for 5 years and now going back I forgot a lot. If you don't use it then you forget it. Realizing this I remembered how important school is. Not just for bettering yourself in life to support yourself, but also to learn and keep everything fresh so you can continue to use everything in life. I wanted to be a lawyer and a journalist before, but I realized even though I'm good at proving a point and writing, I am not good in front of a audience. College already helped me and that's why I'm going back to be a nurse.


For the past 2 years in a Comunity College of Southern Nevada, I have learned more then what i was lacking behind in high school. I am doing go in Math, science, English, Arts, and other classes that i have taken and are taking right now. I use to lack behing in all those clasees, as soon i passed high school, and went to college and started paying attention, i started to better. I never thought i could of expected better from my self. I am almost finished for my second year in college, just got two more years left t'll i graduate with Bacholars degree, and would be on my way to universtiy. I have and is learning a lot from college and did expected something better for my self, and i did, and i know for sure that i will do good in University too.


In the year that I have attended St. Gregory's University I have experienced many things. My first experience was moving away from home and living with complete strangers. Although I didn't know these people I was able to create a relationship with many of the students at this school. Also, the small community environment made it easy to get to know people. Seeing the same people everyday was actually a very comforting feeling. The small classes make it possible to get to know your professor on a whole new level. To me this is a huge benefit. That I am able to ask my proffesor a question and they will actually be willing to take the time to answer my question to the best of their ability. Also, attending school was something I have always thought I was going to do and now that I am, it's one of the best decision's I have ever made.


I would remind my self that it is very expencive to go to college and i need to be more prepared for that! i do not have a child and i am onlt 22 so there is not much aid out there for me! i would also tell myself will just contine my love for knowledge and working torward my goals.


I would give myself various tips and helpful information assuming i could go back in time as a high school senior, and knowing what i know now about college life and making the transition. I would research my career and make sure its the right choice so that i could look for early interships to help get into graduate school, or to have as volunteer hours and experience. I would be more mindful about the cost of tuition at the school I'd be attending and how my financial aid and pell grant works in accordance with tuition. Buying used books from online is so much cheaper than buying them from the school's bookstore. Checking in with my teachers more often about my grades would be a must, as well as communicating with my counselor about my classes. Therefore, I stay on track for my career and graduation. There is a lot of unknown things I did not know about going into college that I later figured out from experience and research. I have takened my experience about college life to help my younger sister, who is now a freshman in college, avoid the some of the same bumps.


In order to make the transition better from high school to college I would tell myself to go on many college visits in order to see the different campuses out there and what they may have to offer. Once I pick the college I was to attend, I would get very involved with whatever I could on campus; if I were to be very involved on campus it mostly definitely would bring a bigger variety of friends instead of just the friends I have on my athletic team as well as in my sorority. Try to be as social as possible in order to keep myself from just sitting in my room and being bored. Make sure that I were to save up more money so I could do more things with my friends and such without having to worry about my money situation. Basically just have fun and do not hold anything back because you only live once; that is what college is suppose to be about.