St. John’s College-Annapolis Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school is amazing. everyone loves what they learn, and learn what they love. it's very free. we have no grades or majors. rather, since how much we learn is dtermined by our own effort. you fail or succeed based purely upon your own effort


Small classes of bright students, seminar style (15 students per class) who discuss the "Great Book". Emphasis on the whole person, the only exta-mural sport is croquet, but all students have the ability to play all intra-mural sports. Unique and vibrant classical education.


Definitely the material. We've look at almost everything academic, most of it primary source as opposed to watered down textbooks. I can argue my friends down on topics that are their majors. Because I'm smarter than they are? No. Because the material was presented to me without the professor's preferred book and interpretation. We question everything from top to bottom, and I think I'm a better person, not just a better student, for it.