St. John’s College-Annapolis Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Honestly, any person with guts can do this unique kind of education. The question, then, is whether they have the guts to do their best, whether or not they are willing to possibly lose (but possibly regain) their soul in quest of searching for a better self. St. John's literally unmasks the difficulties of the real world by putting the real difficulties of educating yourself right in front of you. You could not wish for a better academic honesty and a willingness to see and discover the world just as it is, nothing more, nothing less.


Anyone who enjoys (or wants to enjoy) learning for its own sake should attend St. John's. The workload is difficult but managable, and the program is totally rewarding. This place teaches you how to think for yourself and gives you the opportunity to find out what really interests you.


A person who attends this school is someone who loves to read in their freetime. Perhaps also someone who did not have a great time in high school, and is looking for a place where they can feel more comfortable.


A thinking person should attend my school, a person who is dedicated to their learning instead of their GPA and their futures as human beings and workers, a person with a sense of humor and stubborn persistence, a person willing to be themselves, and wonder at why they are that way, and if they are happy with it, and perhaps change- not to conform to another's outside standard, but to confront any internal contradictions they find (unless they are happy contradicting themselves) A curious person should come to my school.