St John’s University-New York Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My undergraduate school is best known for their education and speech pathology programs.


My school is best known for its Basketball Team , St. John's Red Storm. My school's players have games at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan , New York. My school is also known for its Career Services and academic fairs. Every semester professors and other staff promote Career Services through their syllabus encouraging students to visit at least 3 times a sememster. While academic and activity fairs are major events students are strongly encouraged to attend prepared with business attire , resumes and cover letters.


My school is best known for its atheltics, manily basketball. Also, having a great alumni organization and members.


Our basketball team. In the years before 2011, St. John's was known for having one of the best college basketball teams in the nation. They had won many awards in the Big East conference and gotten a lot of praise and recognition. In 2011, the basketball team almost completely started over, making our player dynamic 11 freshmen to 3 non-freshmen. This created huge buzz. Two of the three non-freshmen ended up leaving the team or the school which caused a fiasco. A star player has entered the NBA draft after one year. Assistant coach left to NBA.


twice a year there are these amazing carnivals! one for winter and one for spring. there are rides, games, foods, arts and crafts and much more


My school is best known for their tradition and and Division 1 collegiate sports teams. There are many majors that are very well known around the United States also. St. John's University is currently number 15 on Forbes Magazines "Colleges That Will Make You Rich" list.


My school is well known for their 6-year pharmacy program but they also offer ither great majors.


St. John's University is best known for its dedication to public interest law, as well as its large amount of internship, externship, and clerkships available to students. They're also known for being a Roman Catholic institution that is open to students of all faiths. Lastly, St John's is known for combining quality academics, outstanding professors, confidence-building service activities and dynamic study abroad programs, in the following St. Vincent de Paul, the 17th-century priest and pioneerwho serve those in need. St. John’s Bread and Life program that provides support and services for the poor.


St. John's University is best known for its academic programs, atheltic teams and extracurricular activites. This university provides all of its students with a vast variety of programs and activities. Every student can engage in some sort of activity. Everyone at St. John's feels like I am family.


The Pharmacy Program they have here is supposedly very well known. Also, Lou Carnesecca is a very important part of St. John's sports history, and our gym(Carnesecca Arena) is named after him.


Athletic team


It's diversity


St. John's University is best know for their Athletics Department, mainly their Basketball program.


Its location, considering it is located in Queens, just outside of New York City, and a historic basketball program within the Big East Conference, although until recently a top-ranked program.


st johns is there for all educational needs for there students plus all needs to the area and nation by lending a helping hand when needed due to a disater






The school is best known for Sports and the Pharmacy program.


My school used to be best known for the basketball team, but now the soccer team is gaining ranks. We are known for being extrmemely diverse and for giving a lot of financial aid.


The name, and the many facilities they offer


Our basketball team, which used to be good until they raped a girl or something and got put on probation and now they suck.


It is best known for its Pharmacy School.


It has the best Pharmacy program in the North Eastern region of US and it is the one of the six colleges that has a 6-year direct Pharmacy program. The law program is also very prestigious. The Campus offers an environment for students to actively be engaged in the community through variety of activities such as Soup Kitches and much more.


It is best know for its excelletn College of Pharmacy And Allied Health. But it is also know for its Law School. The Queens campus is a very beautiful campus in a surburban area and is accessible to shopping, entertainment and transportation, which maake it quite appealing to students.


St. John's University is best known for being very prestigous. It is known for it's wonderful Law School and sports teams. It is also best know for being in Queens, NY; minutes away from the downtown New York City.


They WERE best known for their basketball team, but the basketball team isn't good anymore. I don't know what we're known for. Our men's soccer is good, Women's Volleyball is good, Baseball is great, and the fencing team is very good. I don't know what we're actually well known for though. Concerts maybe?


My school is best known for their formerly prestigious basketball team. There used to be much pride in the basketball team at school, but now it has been diminished to a small following.


Basketball and a great location. Their pharmacy program and school of risk management, insurance and actuarial science


Their basketball team!


St. John's is well-known for its services in helping and serving others. For example doing community service and such to help others that are in more need than we are.