St John’s University-New York Top Questions

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The Queens Campus at St. John's University is farely small but that doesnt mean that we dont have huge sprit! Our Mascot is a big red Hawk because of our population of Red Tail Hawks flying around campus. Its great to see a soon to be endangered species ruling our campus; and fufiling the St. John's RED STORM reputation! I love my college, but I love the hawks more because they make my school true to its name. If there is anything unique about St. John's its definfitly the Red Tail Hawks.


The helpfulness and dedication to help students succeed from the faculty makes this school stand apart. The programs and activities available are great and I am very happy with it. The school is huge and diverse and it is easy to make new friends.


We have a very strong focus on interships and there are alot of resources and help available to find the perfect internship for each student.


come to stjohns!!!


its extremly diverse, has a good reputation and is a perfec size


What I found unique about St. John's was the fact that they are extremely involved with helping others. They require you to have at least participated in 5 hours of community service, and they are always promoting to go out and participate in Midnight Runs and etc. And for me, community service has always been a big part of my life, so St. John's definitely stood out when making my college choice.


The fact that it is really involved with basketball and that the students are really proud to be st johns student. There is a lot of spirit and also that there is a lot of diversity on campus. You will see about every race on campus.


One thing that stands out is that even as a freshmen, you have the opportunity to study abroad. This is a great privilege and experience.




St. John's has a small-school atmosphere in a medium-large school. The classes are generally small, there are only a modest amount of people living on campus, but you can still meet new people every day. But best of all is that most people you meet are kind, happy, and individual. It is almost impossible to not find someone to talk to on campus.


Compared to other schools St. John's University is a Catholic and Vincentian Universsity which upholds their mission to academic freedom, a spirit of inquiry and respect for each individuals worth and dignity, and global service. As I walk the campus I am greeted by students of many different religious beliefs, races, and cultural backgrounds. Here I am challenged to see beyond myself and personal goals, and understand success as making a difference in the community. I am able to incorporate service to the community with my higher education pursuit. This makes St. John's superior when compared to others.


Location. It is only minutes away from Manhattan.




Compared to other schools the diversity makes St. John's University unique. As a first year student you are required to take a course called Discover New York. This course helps you understand the importance of diversity gets you familiar with your environment and encourages you to get involved in campus. In addition, this university tries its best to help you make a smooth transition from high school to college. There is a freshman center with an eager staff to help you in any way possible. Also, there are many places to study abroad with a fantastic financial aid package.


The diversity of the student body population coupled by the myriad of majors within the school attracted me to the program. Furthermore, I was impressed by the spirit of service embodied by the Vincentian tradition of the school.


None of the other schools I considered were in NYC- which was definitely a factor in my decision. Also, the diversity at St. John's is completely unique in that I've never been in a more racially and culturally diverse place. It not only is interesting to meet people of every background, but it prepares you for the real world by teaching how to deal with every different type of person. The school is small enough to get to know a ton of people, but big enough that there's always going to be something new to do.


This school needs more school sprit and it needs like a football team to bring everyone together.


Compare to other schools, this school focus in the well being of each student's academics, from pharmacy students to pre' law students, each student is personally involved on campus.


The school location, proximity to New York city is great for people, there is always things to do and people to meet. All around a great experience that doesn't revolve around going out and drinking every night. There is more to see and do.


It is a catholic college where they teach you family values along with professional and spiritual values. Your instructors really care for you as an individual and also they care for the professional learning. They are aware of your scores and help you out if you need help in any area of study. I like the college because is convenienced located and the mayority of instructors are helping students to become real professionals.


Close to New York City.


I believe that St. John's University-Staten Island campus is unique in that it is a small campus and the only university on the Island. My school is also unique because it has such a large variety of organizations and programs that a student can participate in that are both locally and nationally known.


It's a catholic college that teaches you also moral values besides academical skills.


The location of the school is quite appealing to me . More importantly the school of Pharmacy is an excellent school with top notch professors teaching there. The school is partnered with many hospitals, pharmacies and pharmacuetical companies which give us a great learning advantage.


It is a well known catholic university


i have been to 2 other schools previous to this and i love love love this school. the people are better, the food is better, the technology is better, the teachers CARE


St Johns is a good school which I really like and enjoy being a part of... I need the degree to be successful and Im willing to work hard to obtain it.