St John’s University-New York Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Somebody who wants to open their boundaries and get a great education.


Someone focused and ready for the real world, not a crazy party school.


A person who can accept diversity because there are a lot of different people from different backgrounds. A person who is hard working because the professors gives a lot of work. A person who is nice because everyone at Saint John University are nice and it is so easy to make friends there.


People who are open to different culture and like the city life.


St. John's is a great school for outgoing students who want to live close to the biggest, baddest city in the U.S. and are not afraid of the lifestyle that goes with it. Anyone who wants to meet people from hundreds of different countries, backgrounds and beliefs will be excited to see the amazing diversity at St. John's. St. John's has excellent undergraduate programs in pharamacy, sciences, and business. If you are self-motivated and looking for a huge number of opportunities, this is a great school for you.


A person who really wants to get involved with campus activities and have the full college experice. And having madd dollaz wouldnt hurt lmao.


someobody who is opened for diversity, learning about other peoples cultures, values and beliefs. I also believe a person has to be open to meeting new people out of their inner circle and accepting everybody for who they are.


Those who are academically willing to be challenged as well as willing to meet a diverse student body and faculty.


anyone would enjoy this school. it is very diverse


The kind of person who should attend this school is the one who is very responsible. The person has to be very kind and hard working.


One who loves to learn about and accepts different cultures and wants a nice balance between fun and academics.


I would say that this University allows for a wide variety of people to attend. If you have a strong openness to diversity, are carreer oriented, want to work hard in order to become successful and want to attend a school that is nationally recognized for its excellence then St. John's University would be a great choice for them. You must make your college experience what you want to though, that is how you will fully achieve all your goals in life.


Since the keyword here is "should", I strongly believe you are wasting your time if you are not pursuing either a health related field or pre-law.


At St Johns University anyone could attend. Someone openminded, ready to work hard, and able to jump all types of hurdles thrown in their direction.


Someone who enjoys the "whole" college experience. This school has a lot of activities for a variety of different interests, including sports, drama, different types of clubs as well as a very mixed population which would make any one feel comfortable.


Those looking for cultural diversity and high technology.




If you are intelligent and looking for new opportunties, you want to be successful and are willing to work hard but also have a good time, you are the person to attend St. John's.


People with too much money, not enough wits, and wish to be failed by professors


Business law accounting outgoing


I live on the Staten Island campus of St. John's and the type of person that should attend is someone who enjoys a small campus environment and who enjoys being part of a clique.


A person from the surrounding buroughs that is a minority since most of the school activities are catered to that community.


Independent, likes urban areas and going out, self-motivated, likes diverse areas, wants a campus but in a very urban area, career-oriented


A person that values a school with a strong Catholic foundation and a school that can provide a typical college experience.


someone who has been in their comfort zone for too long. someone who comes from a small town and wants to learn about things outside their home or town or city. someone who is open minded about learning new cultures and having new and different friends from all walks of life. someone who wants to live new york and never got the chance. someone who wants to see the world because we do have study abroad programs. someone who wants to live in a city that fast pace , learning new things and experiencing things they wouldn't normally do.


Someone is willing to do whatever to pay for school and is ready to meet all sorts of people