St John’s University-New York Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


You should not attend this school if you are an introvert. Everyone is very out-spoken and you will most likely feel uncomfortable. I do feel that this school has a good mix of introvert and extroverts but one can tell that the introverts are uncomfortable.


Somewho is looking to comtemplate on their life choices as well as decideding what the want to do in their life; someone who needs time would go to this school.


A person who is unwilling to set goals and work hard towards them should not bother to attend this school. The professors and counselors are all willing to help you, but unless you are determined to better yourself, their help will not be effective.


If you don't like to meet new people and be exposed to all kinds of thinking and perspectives, then SJU is not your school.


Someone who doesn't realize what they have, the opportunity to do anything they want.


A person who isn't from a city setting..there is a lot to be learned.


Anyone who expects to gain the academics rewards without putting in the personal effort should not attend St. John's. To get the grade, one must do the required workload.


the kind of person that should not attend this school would be someone who is not driven to achieve their goals as well as someone who is non religious since this is a catholic university


People who are unfocused. You absolutely must maintain focus here or otherwise you could lose scholarship money.


Scenary lovers


If you want a traditional college experience where the campus is the center of town, do not go to St. John's. Also, Greek life is not very big on campus. If you can't deal with crowds, subways, or snow, you probably do not want to choose a school in New York City.


some one who can't afford its huge tuition.




I wouldn't recommend someone who is extremely to come to St. John's. St. John's is always looking for students who are willing to put their voice out there so they could potentially make a difference. If you're afraid to speak out, St. John's isn't the best place for you.


The type of person that should not attend St. John's University is one that prefers to party much of the time, instead of study.


The person that should at attend this school should be someone that likes a small campus. They should enjoy small classrooms and an environment that isn't in the city but is easily accessible to the city. The campus suits someone who would love living in apartment style dorms tucked away on a hill in a somewhat wealthy neighborhood.


Someone local to New York would probably not enjoy attending this school, there is not enough attention to commuters and it is a bit inconvenient to travel unless you live in the immediate area.


Any person who isn't open minded to diversity and experiencing the lives that different cultures live. There are so many different ethnicities at St. John's and it broadens a person's outlook on life.


The type of people that should not attend Saint John's University are those looking for a strong sense of community when selecting a collegiate institution. If you are seeking a university that will challenge you in your major, the only truly academically challenging schools are Tobin College of Business and the School of Allied Health. Aside from the fact that St. John's student population is a very diverse but, the majority tend to stay within their own ethnic groups. Being a Catholic-Vincentian University, the school is a dry campus and believes in abstinence above all.


A person who doesn?t respect people with different ethnic backgrounds and cultures should not attend St. John?s University. St. John?s University welcomes students who practice different religions. One who criticizes another just for practicing a different religion should not attend St. John?s University.


People that like the city life and alot of noice.


A person who wants a smaller college experience and would rather be in a more city environment rather than a residential area should not seek out enrollment in this university.


those that want everything available on campus, looking for a party school or football team.


Someone who does not care about their school-work or future. Also, any person that is very lazy and doesn't like sitting in classes of the lecture type should not attend this school.


The type of person who should attend this school is any person. This school allows you to be who you want to be, yes it is a catholic school, but you do not have to be catholic to attend. There are no specifics to attend this school you just have to want to work hard to achieve your goals.




People who wish to go forward in life and become something successful


Someone that enjoys the city and diverse settings. Someone that enjoys giving back to the community.


A person who doesn't like big crowds or a lot of walking shouldn't attend my school.


Someone who likes a relatively small school setting.


People who are undecided in their major. The core load will take up too many of your credits to allow space to experiment with different subjects, making it very unlikely to graduate on time.


It's impossible to describe any kind of person who shouldn't attend St. John's. There is something for everyone around campus. Whether ones priorities lie within religion, ethnic background, academics, or sports, to name a few, they are guaranteed to find a club or organization that makes them feel welcome and comfortable. Even if someone isn't involved on campus, the school sets up tons of events for students to partake in outside of campus, such as going to Broadway plays, concerts, and even volunteering in soup kitchens. There's no reason anybody shouldn't attend this school.




Anyone that doesn't like diversity, educational rigor, or city-oriented life should not attend Saint John's University.


Closed-mined individuals.


The type of people that shouldnt attend this school are people not willing to put themselves out there, or step outside their comfort zone. People here are very outgoing and social, so extremely introverted people need not apply.


A strongly liberal person would feel very out of place. It is a catholic school; a majority of the students are Catholic and from the surrounding Queens and Long Island areas. Basically there is a surplus of people who grew up with similar values and think alike. People who cannot handle this mindset would be quite miserable.