St John’s University-New York Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is how there are so many majors and different opportunities offered, that you cannot possibly explore each one. It makes it so much research must be done in order to succeed in creating a plan on how you will spend your years at this school.


Financial aid is by far the largest complaint among the student population. The school is pricey, but what you receive in return is often rewarding. Deadlines for financial aid come abruptly without warning, if you aren't aware or inquire.


There is nothing really frustrating about my school.


Lack of communication between adminisration and students.


I have yet to discover anything ridiculously frustrating about St. john's considering I am still new there, however, the overpriced cafeteria can get to one's spirits at times.


Tuition is the most frustrating thing. Sometimes we get un-notified tutuon inflation. When i stated my freshman year tuition was $50,000. It has already raised in just being there one year. Its hard o try to find wy to come up with that kind of money. Its a great school and graduationg from there would basically have you set for life as far as internships, externships, etc. but not when you cant afford it.


I would have to say is receiving proper academic advisement after your Freshman year. Freshmen receive a lot of focused assistance as they adjust to life as a college student but then are in a sense "thrown to the wolves" in their other years in navigating what classes or opportunities to take. You really have to fend for yourself after your Freshman.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the dorm hours. I believe dorm hours should not be until 3am. I think if you have someone in your dorm, they can stay as long as they want or as long as your other roommate allows. I know like in my situation, when i have people in my dorm, it is to study, and sometimes when we are not done studying, we get interrupted, because of the 3am rule. So i would like that ti change, because it is very frustrating.


The fact that it is really cold in new york and that the residence hall is on the other side of the campus.


The most frusturating thing would have to be the commute. I am a commuter and the commute is really hard because its about 2 hours, other than that nothing frusturates me.


The most frustrating thing about St.John's University would be the cost of the tuition. Having to take out such a massive loan sits in the back of my mind and sometimes distracts me from my academics and depresses me.


The most frustraing thing about my school is that it is predominantly one race. This is frustrating because everyone socializes with their own racial/ethnic group whihc makes it harder for em to make friends. This becomes a probem when working on group proects in class or or if I need help with anything school related because in the two years I have been there I have only made a handful of friends. When ever i need an assignment or anything like that I'm pretty much on my own.


The most fustrating thing about my university is the finacial aid services. there are over 30,000 full time students and at least 3,000 full time undergraduates in attendence. imagine trying to cheek on your finacial aid status after standing in line for 2.5 hours, only to be told either everything is in order or that you have unmet obligations that they, the workers cannot help you with. I got so fustrated last semeter that I no longer wanted to cry, I wanted to cry while keying the administration in charge of students services cars. it was terible.


The most frustrating is the financial aid office. There are students from the work-study program who try their best to help you but they simply do not have enough knowledge to perform the tasks they are supposed to complete. They should be well trained before being put on the desks.


When you get a lot of things due at the same time.


What I find most fustrating about my school is the lack of freshman knowledge when it comes to scholarships. I was unaware of the circumstances, and my gpa fell below a 3.0. I later found out I could no longer continue my major until my grades we're pulled up, forcing me to be at least one year behind my class. Other than that, everything else in my school was great my first year.


the cost


Most frustrating was the lack of support for students interested in academic pursuits in an extra-curriculur environment. Student organizations were required to hold events and participate in lengthy student meetings. These were geared toward cultural, social, and religious groups. The administration once indicated that they believed honor societites held no inherent value for the university, and unless they sponsored events, they should not continue to exist. Aditionally, no support waas given to students in regard to planning and carrying out events, and protocol for documenting them changed annually (at least). It was infuriating and disheartening.


The times the food facilities close and visitation rules.


I can't say much because i never experienced anything similar in the 4 year i been there.


I don't know




The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of communication between faculty and staff members of different departments. I have personally experienced this several times. One incident occured when the dean of Tobin Business School hadn't yet received my AP scores. I had three copies delivered over the course of two months, each copy costing $15.00, and each copy not making it to my dean's desk. However, it wasn't until the fourth time I had them delivered that someone in the Bursar Office claimed to have all four copies, nearly three months overdue.


There is a lack of information available to students when they ask for it.


It's built on what use to be a gold course so it's really windy on campus. Small price to pay though for a great education.




The parking situation is horrible!


the cost. its way to high


The school focuses on athletics and greek life. Regular students have few opportunities to make friends like they do, or get involved in the amount of activities they do. Also, most funding is spent on athletics- athletes are favored greatly.


the financial aid office.


they dont promote sexual health. it is understandable that its a catholic school and they need to promtoe celibasy but they need to rea;ize they are dealing with adults and adults have sex. its better to promote the practice of safe sex then to close your eyes and pretend its not happening just becauae you dont want it to