St John’s University-New York Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Focus on the work you have to do instead of the people around you.


I wish I had known how much this school revolves around its fraternities and sororities for its extracurricular activities. It also seems that the school cares more about the men's basketball team than the rest of the student population.


I wish I was aware of how bias the professors were at my undergraduate institution. They play favorites and will tend to the needs and the success of those students.


Now that I have completed a semster here at St. John's something I wish I would have known prior to attending, is the schools very strict guest policy. Strong in their Catholic Faith, and St John's being a private institution, makes signing in guests and other students very tedious and fustrating. No to mention all of our dorms are co-ed making if even more difficult.


I wish I would have known about intramural sports before I attended this school. In high school I enjoyed playing soccer but wasn't a star player. Knowing that St. John's University is a Division 1 school, I figured that it would be too competitive for me. An intrmural soccer team would have helped me to continue doing something that I enjoyed.


I wish I knew how far away it was from the City. It is a beautiful campus but it takes about an hour to get to Manhattan so you might not be getting the full New York experience.


The tution cost.


Before you are given a gift or a present you live you life without it not even thinking about it. However once you receive it and you begin to realize how amazing it is, you begin to cherish it. You try your hardest to keep it. It wasn't until I attended my first semester at St. Johns University that I realized the many opportunities that this world has to offer. With having this new perspective I saw what I needed to do and how driven I need to be so that I was successful in achieving my goals.


St. John's University offers many opportunities for freshmen students. Having attended another university my freshman year, I was overwhelmed by how detailed their freshman week was and how helpful every member of their faculty is. During my senior year of high school, I wish I had looked into St. John's because they truly care about each and every one of their student’s happiness. This characteristic makes St. John's University one of the better universities in the country.


During the essay don't be concerned about bragging, you have done so much, and this is your time to shine! Also, start early on writing the essays, St. John's finds the essay portion they're favorite part during the applications. I should have started off my essays about two months in advance, it honestly is very time consuming but worth it during admissions.


I wish I would have learn before applying to St. John’s of the burden to make ends meet to cover for the expenses to be a continuing student. Secondly, the amount of money that I have to pay out of pocket for the difference of the financial aid provided for me and the rate of room and board and tuition a year; pretty much increasing every academic year. The effectiveness and the quality of my major, in equivalence to other undergrad major at St. John’s.


The surrounding neighborhood is not very nice. But as long as you don't go off campus alone then you will be safe. Public Safety is also readily available.


I wish I would've known all my options to payfor tuition. However, I am thankful that the school staff was able to help me in one way or another to pay everything off without putting such a burden on my mom. They helped me realize my dream.


How expensive the school is.


I wish I knew the ethnic ratio of the campus. I also wished I knew the surrounding area and the accessibility ot things such as grocery stores, nail and hair salons, delis and other things that are essential to college survival.


I will be attending my first class at St. John's University as a transfer student ( I just finished a program at The Institute of Audio Research and am transferring credits from my tenure at Michigan State University). So, there is nothing I can elaborate on at this moment regarding attending the school.


I wish I had known the full extent to which financial aid could affect my school year. I was always told how important it was to apply for scholarships, but I never paid that advice too much mind. As I had worked really hard during high school (I graduated Cum Laude, belonged to 7 extra-curriculars (of which I headed 4), and had a job), I was extremely comfortable and feared nothing. Unfortunately, one can NEVER, I repeat, NEVER have too much assurance - I found myself with a bill for $47,000 that I am still struggling to pay.


Before coming to St. John's University, I wish I had known that change is not necessarily a bad thing. As a high school senior, I was afraid of entering a new environment and leaving the comfort of the high school that I had come to know like the back of my hand. However, during my first week of college, I realized that a change in environment is necessary to go far in life. The freedom that comes with such a big step in life can at first be overwhelming, but later comes to be a breath of refreshing air.


Before I applied and was accepted into St. Johns University, I wish i had known that some of their courses do not transfer over to other colleges if i choose to discontinue my education elsewhere. secondly, for a majority of freshmen classes students arent allowed to miss more then five days a semseter, which I believe is socially wrong concidering we are young adults and should be able to determine when or if we go to class at any given time. lastly the food on campus is some of the worst i'v had anywhere, and that's saying something!


Before attending St. John's, I wish I would have known that all the homesickness and loneliness was only temporary. I would eventually make great friends. I also wish I knew that my classes only seemed as scary as I made them. I wish I knew that I should attend as many soccer games as I could. I wish I knew that St. John's was made up of mostly commuter students. Finally, I wish I knew that they took away the cool waffle makers when the parents left .


I wish I had known there was no nursing program and that the student body was so large.


Study hard, pharmacy school at St John's is very competative.


That the staff didn't care and that the laptop are useless. Also that the rules for on campus housing are extreme, even for off-campus housing.


What i wanted to major in.


More about the programs. I am now heavily involved and I wish that that was more advertised in the brochure or things along those lines.


I wish I knew how expensive the food is.


I wish I'd known more about New York. I'm from California, and had never been to NY previously. It would have helped to know more about the area the school was located in.


Do the best you can so you can get all possible financial aid


The level of the heavy work load.


I wish I had known how much money it takes to be in college for four years including money for books, food etc.


That the pharmacy program is very competitive.


How to study properly.


I wish I had know exactly how expensive it was before hand.


I wish I would have known that it is mandatory to take theology and philosophy classes.


That all racial/ethnic groups tend to stick to themselves.


the g.p.a required to keep your scholarship