St John’s University-New York Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


Growing up in new jersey I wanted to go to school far from home but not too far from my family. New York seemed likethe perfect solution I could go to school and hop on the train to the city and arrive in 30 minutes. The school also awarded me a generous gran as well as financial aid. I love the school and know I made the right choice.


I chose to attend Saint John's because of its prestigious ranking and English Department; I also heard positive feedback from friends who went there.


MONEY, LOCATION, CURRICULUM. I always wanted to attend school in New York so I took at look at St. John's. When I found out that they were one of the cheapest private educations accessible to me, and that I could double major, I knew that it was the place for me.


Well I actually chose to go to St. John's on a whim - I was unhappy at my previous school after my first semester, and applied to St. John's because the application was free and my best friend was going here (she graduated last year.) I got accepted with a good amount of financial aid and decided to transfer after visiting, loving the campus, the study abroad programs, and being in the city!


Actually, I winded up attending St. John's because I wasn't too fond of my other options. I figured I would hate the school, obtain a great GPA, and transfer as soon as possible. However, St. John's changed my mind and I fell in love with it!


Honestly, St. John's was no where near the top of my list. However, after being turned down for my top choice and offered a full scholarship by St. John's I asked myself, "Why waste all my money on my second choice knowing I want to go onto further schooling later? Why drown myself in debt when I don't have to?" After shadowing a student at St. John's for a night, the hospitality of everyone I met, the promise of plenty to do, and the lure of New York City and a full scholarship roped me in. I fell in love with the beauty of the campus, surprisingly in the middle of Queens, and have never regretted my decision since.


I came here because of the generous financial aid package I received, as well as the school's close location to New York City!


I decided to go to St. John's University because St. John's is a very good school. I also thought St. John's was right for me because I didn't want to be too far from home because if I ever got sick I wouldn't be in a place without family.


I received an invitation to apply from St. John's; after looking at the incredible things that were offered, I didn't think twice about going.


I decided to go to St. John's University for a host of reasons. The biggest factor was money. I received a very generous scholarship and financial aid package from STJ and it allowed me to receive the education I wanted without having be overwhelmed by loans and payments. The majority of the people I have met here have also listed this as the top reason for enrolling at St. John's. Proximity to Manhattan also played a part in my decision. I had dreamed of living in or close to the city for years and knew I wanted to study here. St. John's allowed me to do so and still have a real campus which was great. Furthermore, I felt welcome and at home, in a way, when I toured the campus spring of my senior year of high school and knew this school was where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life.


It was a reputable school that was in my area. I was able to attend a great school while not living far from home. Although I lived on campus for the first few semesters it ended up being cheaper for me to live at home an commute.


I first decided to request information about St. Johns University when a friend of mine told me about it. Once I received the info, I was inundated with catalogs and flyers. I found this great because it was quick and easy access to information. The school was also persistent on my acceptance and I liked that. They were attentive about their incoming students as well as enrolled students. That is why I chose to go to St. Johns University


Well, my first reason was financial need. Saint John's offered me the most money, so that played a role in my decision. But, what really helped shape my decision was the school itself. When I went there, I felt so welcomed, and the people were so friendly. I knew that this would be a smooth transition for me because of the help offered on campus and the friendly atmosphere. I am totally satisfied with my decision.


St. John's offers very generous scholarships for out of state students, and frankly I thought it was really cool that it was in new york city


I decided to go to St. John's University because I received a good financial aid package and it was the most convenient for me since I wanted to be close to my family in case there were any emergencies.


I decided i wanted to go to this school when i visited the campus and realized the connection the students have with the deans and professors. I would see the students engaging in conversations with them and sitting at an outside table having lunch and i remember saying to myself "thats what i want." I wanted to go to a school where my deans and professors knew me by name and Saint John's was definitely the place. I was also drawn by the amount of campuses they had and the fact that they had one on Rome, and Mardrid, they had numerous abroad program.