St. Joseph’s College-New York Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that it's never to late to get a job and get some extra money, and also not too late to change your mind about your intended major. Get involved with a group outside of your career, having friends in other disciplines is  invaluable. Be friendly with the other students in your area, those ahead of you have been  through what you are going through, they can give you good advice.   Another word of advice: be confident! You know more thank you think you know. 


Attending St. Joseph's College has been one of the most valuable and meaningful experiences in my life thus far. The professors are caring and attentive, and the small classes allow for better one on one assistance when necessary. The overall environment of this school is one of comfort, acceptance, optimism, and encouragement. I will always cherish my personal experiences at St. Joseph's College; both academic and interpersonal. I was given the opportunity to complete two different internships during my course of study which have served as the first professional experiences within my major field of psychology, as well as a solid foudation upon which my skills in this field continue to develop. St. Joseph's College offers a number of opportunities for professional development, including an on-campus pre-school which allows hands on experience for those working toward and educational or teaching degree. A variety of activities and clubs attracts a variety of students with various backgrounds; ideas and opinions of whom are an integral and enriching part of the campus atmosphere. Most importantly, this college embodies a strong sense of community and compassion, which helps make a student feel supported and accepted no matter what.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior; I would el myself that college is different and that i need to learn how to manage my time. I hated myself because i did not receive a scholarship when i was a senior in high school like other students did. One of my classmates said that I was to dumb to receive one. My first year in college was difficult because i had to learn how to manage time and deal with family problems. Those family problems did not let me do my school work on time. I had to learn to be myself and not like others. I learned who I really was and what I wanted for the future. I learned that giving up was not going to help me and I had to write on my notebooks the words "I can do it" "I can pass my classes". Being so negative was not helpful because it was making me feel worth nothing. After going to couseling I learned that i was able to accomplish many things. I would go back in time and tell myself to be positive.