St Lawrence University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are young, enthusiastic, energetic, extroverts, generally from upper middle class families who enjoy having a good time, experiencing the brighter side of life, and pride themselves on being "cultured".


I have a wide variety of friends here at SLU. I live on the intercultural floor and I am a member of numerous clubs. Students dress both casual and dressed up. We have a variety of students including athletes, international students, scholars, etc. just to name a few groups. Socioeconomics vary, but over 75% of students receive some sort of financial aid. 10% of our students are diverse and almost all 50 states are represented.


The first word that came to my mind is "involved." There are so many different clubs and sports teams and people are usually involved in at least one, often times more. At St. Lawrence, the students are all interconnected and friendly with each other. Some people dress up to go to class and some chose to "go comfy" and wear sweats. No one cares what you wear, it's whatever you are comfortable with. There are always opportunities to meet other students and make new friends and people from completely different backgrounds can and do become friends. People are always happy to meet someone new and since it is such a small school, it's easy to get to know a lot of people so that you always see someone that you know on campus. Students are both easy going and hard working.


My freshman year, I met people from all over the U.S. and world. In my dorm, my roommate was from Canton, NY (where SLU is located), but met friends from New York City, upstate NY, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, California, Seattle, Colorado, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. Students interact with each other all the time. There are no cliques because students are involved with so many things. Politically, both sides of the spectrum are represented but a few more students tend to be liberal than conservative.


The number one thing I'm always asked when out on tour is what kind of student would not fit in well here at SLU. I always reply with "The type of student that doesn't want to get involved on campus in some kind of organization, club, sport, ensemble or doesn't want to get something started!" SLU is a very involved campus (with 2,200 students and 137 student organizations!) and anybody who needs entertainment handed to them will not like it here. A lot of this has to do with the fact that we are based in a rural setting. St. Lawrence students come from different backgrounds, but the majority of students are from the Northeastern region of the US. We have students from all over the world and our students travel all over (50% of us, students, travel abroad sometime in their 4 years here!). Many students are politically aware/active and have anywhere from very conservative to very liberal stances. This campus doesn't have a particular political alignment, but we are working towards becoming a very sustainable campus. If you're looking for a campus that is accepting, has ever-increasing diversity (whether it be racially, internationally, or epistemological), then this is the type of student body that you want to be a part of!!


very wealthy and most have a house and then a timeshare, or a vacation home


Most come to class unprepared and rarely participate. People procrasitnate and frequently choose partying before academics. There are a lot of scholarship kids and super wealthy kids that pay full tuition, who are not as intelligent as the school advertises the average.


Wealthy spoiled conservatives mixed in with wealthy hippies.


My classmates are preppy environmentally concious people who say they care about the environment and world issues but rarely do anything about it if it were to involve real effort or work on their part.


Advanced classes allow students to have fun with the material, and students generally are excited and enthusiastic about what they are learning.


Majority white, upper middle class.


Serious of purpose.

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