St Lawrence University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


A tie between the great school atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings. Canton, while small, is a great place to live. St. Lawrence does an amazing job of providing students with an environment they want to be in, from the variety of dorm life to the mulitude of school activities and clubs. There's always something going on, and no matter what your interest is, there will be something for you to do.


Famous alumni and beauty of campus




food and people the classes and the professors


St. Lawrence is such a close-knit community full of very friendly people. I'll always be able to call it home.


St. Lawrence was a place where I was able to find who I was and who I wanted to be with the support of everyone on campus. It was an unimaginable experience for me.


I really like the sense of community here at St. Lawrence. I feel like part of different groups of people that are working towards making life here better. I think that the staff and faculty do a really wonderful job of integrating student opinion into administrative decisions. I have friends here, and I am able to explore myself academically and socially with great ease and fluidity.


The school spirit, the great sports teams, social life, parties, professors, academic environment, the close proximity to Canada


The ideal setting, size of the campus, the food, good looking women.


The overall experience of a close community with outstanding professors.


I'm not one to brag. I don't talk about my personal accomplishments or goals unless I am asked specifically about them. I don't people who brag. I choose not to be one of them.

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