St Lawrence University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the lack of diversity. There are students who come from other countries, but the majority of the students who attend are primarily caucasian. This is considered fairly normal for many colleges and universities, but I wish that the student body was more diverse. It would give the students who are rarely exposed to other cultures, the opportunity to engage in and interact with others, ultimately allowing them to learn from one another. Sometimes I hear cloes-minded statements from students in my school and wish that I could change that.


The one thing St. Lawrence University lacks in, is diversity amongst the students and teachers. I truely feel St. Lawrence is making progress for affirmative action but for myself, I can barely see it. On campus there are numerous activities happening and yet, there is a lack of students of all races attending. Also, I feel the University should insert a race and ethnic course as a requirement because that will give students a better chance of understanding what they don't know, and it could possibly stop all the negative stereotypes. Other than that I enjoy this University.


It's cold.


the variety of housing options. there are a lot of dorms to live in and townhouses for seniors but not a lot of choices in themed housing which people like to take part in


location and weather, lack of trasportaion to town


Tuition is so expensive, but this is a problem that is reflected in all Northeastern private universities and colleges. The education with which I engage myself here at St. Lawrence is extremely valuable, but I do not think that value is necessarily inherent. I think college is about what you give and take to and from experience; my time here would not be nearly as valuable if I did not choose to engage within the community aroud me. I am slightly dissatisfied with those individuals on campus that come off as ignorant, arrogant, and apathetic to their experiences here.


It's location can be a drawback for some. SLU is a small liberal arts school - if you want a city, SLU is not right for you. However, the size and location of SLU aids in creating community on campus.


People tend to be in cliques.


Our Music Department


The only social activity seems to be drinking. It's the only way people can let go of their stress. There isn't much to do socially except have parties or go to the two local bars. Some go to Ottawa or Montreal for a weekend or go hiking or skiing. There needs to be a variety of activities for people to do on campus.


they got rid of frats and sor


Students are vary isolated on compus and barely get to know the town of Canton, surroundy farms, local people, etc. The opportunity is there, but most students choose not to take it.

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