St Lawrence University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Although we do have students that come from wealth, and those that come from prep schools, not everyone at St. Lawrence is a "prep" or "rich". I have met a lot of great people here that are down to Earth and kind-hearted.


At St. Lawrence we have two very distinct sterotypes. We have 'lax bros' and 'Crunchy outdoorsy folks'. There is a very strong preppy lax bro type at St. Lawrence but there is also a group of people who love to be outside. It is a great balance and by no means causes conflict. There are more sterotypes I am sure but I think those two are the most dominant. Either way, St. Lawrence students are very active and both groups of people and even everyone at St. Lawrence takes advantage of being outside and active. It is one of the big reasons I love St. Lawrence.


I would say that there are two different stereotypes of SLU students. First, we are often thought of as "preppy." While there are definitely a lot of preppy kids here, you definitely don't have to be preppy to fit in. Second is the stereotype that we are a very "green" student body, and this one is definitely true. The vast majority of students are really "outdoorsy" and advocate for lessening our environmental impact.

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