St Lawrence University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


trying to get into specific classes


The most frustrating thing about my school is when the winter arrives and the snow is covering all the pathways. There is no possilby way to walk, then it becomes icy and slippery. Literally it took the campus constodiates three to four days to clear the pathways, and on top of that they use this other element of salt. It's brown and it creates a huge mess on the floor. For me it isn't safe to walk and the salt gets caught up in the bottom of my shoes and usually has me to over extend my step.


The lack of social and economic diversity. I also hate even in small groups, an individual can still feel disenfranchised or alienated. It is hard to go here knowing that your family does not have alot of money or social connections.


People are always partying and drinking and I am not like that at all I hate staying at school on the weekends.


It's romote location.


Distance to airports. Closest one is Ottawa (about a 90 minute drive).


Transportation to and from for those without cars, the weather in the dead of winter, the lack of on-campus recruitment by companies and graduate schools, a sense of apathy about everything in a certain percentage of the student body, the fact that the greek system has been declining, the fact that more people don't volunteer regularly

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