St Lawrence University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The community, everyone is friendly and upbeat. There is always someone willing to help others out


There are always opportunities if you know where to look and are persistant.


strong, intelligent professors and beautiful campus with really fun and bright students. interesting classes and fun abroad programs


My school has a strong abroad program that sends students all over the world offering huge experiences to its students. The other thing is that teachers give you the time of day to help you learn. The athletics are great and the general vibe of the place is very positive.


Small campus in small town gives you a college town. Lots of things to do on campus


Financial aid. 50,000 dollar a year tuition, but i pay about only 9,000 dollars in student loans each year.


The professors are generally amazing here; there are some "bad seeds" but most of them I've really enjoyed taking classes with. They're great at their jobs, generally friendly, and very accessible outside of class.


the dedicated professors who will work with motivated students to gain the most from their education, the writing centers, the efforts of greek life to hold together and persevere, division i hockey, the fitness center, the outdoor program, abroad programs, the growing emphasis on service-learning and civic engagement, green initiatives, small classes, broadness of a liberal arts experience, the students who work to engage others, opportunities to be recognized for hard work and achievements

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