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It is a straight six year program for pharmacy and does not require you to take the PCAT.


St. Loius College of Pharmacy (STLCOP) is a six-year program with only 1200 students in the entire college Our mascot, The Eutectic, was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the Top Ten Worst Team Names. A Eutectic is when two solids make a liquid, hence why our mascot is not only nerdy, but extremely fitting for the college. STLCOP offers only one degree: a PharmD. Although it is not well known, STLCOP is a proud school known for its rigorous coarse load and focused student body.


St. Louis College of Pharmacy is one of the few schools with the zero through six Pharm. D program. The only degree you can earn at STLCOP, as it is lovingly referred to is the Pharm. D. This became one of my deciding factors when choosing a college. I was concerned about becoming distracted by other majors, especially when I would hear how easy their program was. Six grueling years of preparation from Saint Louis College of Pharmacy tests the best of students. Students who never had to study in high school are struggling to get average grades.


Our school is unique in that for six years, everyone in your grade will take all of the same classes. We grow close and form great friendships with the majority of our peers. We all learn to help each other out by typing out class outcomes and e-mailing them to the entire grade or forming peer study sessions to prepare for exams. We concern ourselves with each others' grades and help to keep each other on track.