St Mary’s College of Maryland Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Encouraging, but so much whiteness it's ridiculous.


The students at St. Mary's College are diverse!


My classmates are extremely friendly, kind, caring, will stop to help you, and they always have your back.




The attitude of the student body was evident when I visited as a prospective student, and instrumental in my decision to attend the school. Because St. Mary's doesn't have a "brand name" reputation, you know that the students who come are geniunely drawn there for some reason. The students are overwhelmingly from Maryland, as is to be expected at a state school, and mostly from the Baltimore/Annapolis/Washington areas. We are also indisputedly politically tilted to the left. SMCM was credited with having one of the highest levels of race/class interaction, and prides itself in the nearly identical 4-year graduation rates of white students and minority students. At this point, though, the school is still mostly used as a cheaper option for white, middle class students.


My classmates consist of hippies, druggies, poets, nerds, the occasional prep and the occasional jock, but all are free thinkers.


My classmates are hardworking, dedicated, fun, and intelligent. They know where they want to go and use their resources to get there.


My classmates are mostly very helpful and very sociable people.


We have the typical range of college students from those that work so hard they deserve the world on a silver platter to those who make you wonder how they were even allowed on campus.


Outgoing, accepting, intelligent people.


They are here to live and learn.


My classmates are wealthy, and mostly white, and we all tend to work hard and play hard. There are also many pot smokers who do not achieve. There are kids who get caught up in drugs and drinking and left behind. Most of my classmates are pretty intelligent.


Intelligent for two reasons: being willing to ask for help and willing to help others.


Open, friendly, intelligent, analytical.


My classmates are full of insipid and poorly thought out ideas, which pales in comparison to the banality of their lives overall.


It is really easy to make friends in classes at St. Mary's. I have had many successful study groups and I've made some of the best friends I could ever have, and we all started out as classmates.


Everyone is different and at the same time everyone feels completely comfortable expressing their personality because, for the most part, the students here are non-judgemental and very open-minded; I think this is an amazing and yet unusual characteristic of people our age.