St Mary’s College of Maryland Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


On a national level, it would have to be our sailing team. That's pretty much the only high profile thing about St. Mary's. They have been ranked the best in the nation in past years and they're often the first thing people think of. However, to people that really know St. Mary's, it's known as the most gorgeous school on the river.


the scenery surrounding it, the small class sizes, and the academics


St. Mary's is best known for its liberal, almost "hippie" attitude and its emphasis on environmentally responsible practices.


hippies, our sailing team, the st. mary's river, biology department, our crazy traditions


The sailing program because it's on the water.


We are right on a river and are very well known and respected for our sailing team. We are also a very liberal campus, and are known for being laid-back and open-minded.


being on the river and being surrounded by a bunch of nothingness


St. Mary's is best known for being environmentally friendly. It is a very liberal college and well known for having a beautiful view and campus.


The river.


Sports and the pre-med program and the "public honors college"