St Mary’s College of Maryland Top Questions

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SMCM is a small liberal arts honors college in an amazing location on the water that provides students the opportunity to be involved in a highly academic society while still having an amazing college experience socially. The school has a lot of interesting parts to it- competitive division 3 athletics, an on campus beach, and the honors college recognition.


St. Mary's isn't for everyone, but it's a unique place that is far too often overlooked. It's not flashy or traditionally prestigious, but SMCM is truly about the students who shape it.


St. Mary's is a fun and VERY relaxed campus, and it is easy to feel comfortable in the campus community. Students are open and welcoming, and are not at all close-minded. Making friends is a breeze, and the classes and professors are fun and usually very engaging.


The river.


it's a very accelerated academic environment, but still ebraces the environment, sports, and fun outdoor activities.


The beautiful landscape, the fun environment, the "green" attitude, not a lot of snobs.


We are small, close-knit and on the water. You can take sailing as a class for credit!


It is a beautiful, outdoor campus with an engaging faculty who really love what they do.


There are a lot of opportunities to go swimming, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing here.


A student of St. Mary's is surrounded by brilliance both intellectually and asthetically. The environment is challenging without cut throat competition. Education is utilized in the appreciation of beauty.