St Mary’s College of Maryland Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That it is academically challenging, with a low student to teacher ratio and is a very environmentally friendly, artistic, and accepting campus


The river. The people who let me be a nerdy english major, if I let them watch x files instead of throwing a solo-cup-ridden party. Kayaking on flat sunrise water, running under innumerable stars, feeling free and accepted enough to walk around post-nap, with no shoes on, or to walk down the path singing. The people. The river. The stars.


I always tell my friends about how friendly everyone is, the people are great! Not only that, but it's so small that you get to be friends with everyone. The campus is beautiful and a lot of fun. Professors know you by name and are very nice.


The school is located directly on a river. The campus is absolutely beautiful. But, most significantly, the campus community is extremely small creating a warm environment that allows students to easily access their professors and know all of their fellow classmates.


I brag about the beautiful landscape we have , all the trees and the St. Mary's River and our school buildings. I brag about how much fun we have, the movies they play on campus, the free concerts they have, the food, the people , the teachers and just how it's a great place in general to go to college there's so many majors and fields you can study, and so many different classes you can take to explore and find out more and more what you want to do if you don't know when you first arrive.


St. Mary's doesn't have an Honors Program, it's a whole Honors College!


small class sizes, professors actually teach and care about the students


My school is right on the water and because we have a top-tier sailing program, we have very good sailboats available for recreational use and many people will help teach you how to sail


I brag mostly about the waterfront that belongs to our school. We are one of the only colleges in the United States that owns the waterfront located on the campus. When the weather is nice, the best thing about our school is the sense of community you gain from seeing all the students and even the faculty out around campus, taking advantage of the different but equally beautiful sceneries the campus has to offer.


The location(the water and the sunsets), the sailing, my great professors, my apartment on campus.


I brag that my teachers are awesome and accessible, and how much I admire them.


Everyone is friendly and the river and bond are beautiful year-round.


It is the most beautiful place in the world. Our waterfront is the most amazing thing ever. We are still laying on the beach in Maryland in October and we are still sailing in December. You should be jealous.