St Mary’s College of Maryland Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you need to hide in a crowd to succeed in class, this is not the school for you. Once you pass freshman year, classes are about as intimate as they come. Every seat is front row.


Those who keep to themselves should not attend the school. Those who are anti social, or are completly burried in their work will not fit in.


Someone who wants a large school and for there to be an array of parties every night. This school is for those focused on school but choose the weekends to have their fun.


Anyone who wants to study a subject (especially one in the liberal arts) with rigor and devotion, as well as anyone who doesn't enjoy partying constantly.


Don't attend St. Mary's if you can't survive without the thrills of city life. I come from an "almost urban" area but I have come to love the peacefulness and beauty of the nature and water that surrounds the campus, and I don't mind the 15 minutes it takes to get to town. However, if you can't learn to live without the the mall or you really want to go somewhere with a crazy night life - this isn't the place for you.


Anyone who requires external entertainment will struggle during the winter months here. People who dislike the outdoors will probably not find it as appealing.