St Mary’s College of Maryland Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about St. Mary's College was the quality of the education. I am often asked where I got my degree, and when I tell people St. Mary's College, they always say "wow! That is a great school" or "Wow! That is a really hard school!". Makes me feel good!


The best thing about my school is the accepting attitude of most students and teachers. Everyone generally feels welcome here, despite diverse interests, beliefs, and lifestyles. It is a very open minded campus, with so many activities that everyone can find something that they enjoy.


The laid back community. People are just different at St. Mary's. Everyone seems more open, friendly, and unafraid of being themselves. Professors talk openly with students and take the time to get to know you on a personal level. Just being here, I feel like a more calm, happier person than anywhere else. There's still a lot of work, but it couldn't be easier to find help from a peer, a professor, or a club or organization on campus.


The school is small and people really know each other. Because of this, professors get to know and will help you if you need it. It is also easy to make frineds and find places to go on the weekend


The best thing about St. Mary's is the friendly and accepting culture on campus. Students, staff, and faculty are extremely friendly and foster relationships across age, gender, and socioeconomic lines.


the acceptence of all people.


The proffessors are interested in you personally as well as academically. This means that they work hard to make the subjects fun while you learn, and go out of thier way to help students.


The Staff is very c onscientious to focus on the students and make sure that everyone is getting a fair chance to succeed.


The campus. The people. The professors. All have such spirit!


The friendiness. I have never really felt out of place for anything that I could help...or anything ever really....


The faculty is genuinely concerned with student welfare. They really engage students during and outside of class, encouraging and c hallenging us to reach our full potential.