St. Mary’s University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school has been around for a while, and you can feel the roots of it.


My school is a private university based on Marinist values.


St. Mary' s University is a community service oriented private college which focuses on student learning and achievement.


It is beautiful, inviting, and has a high standard of excellence! I can't wait to learn more once I start in the fall!


St. Mary's is a dedicated, helpfull, loving, and wonderful school that helps it's students the best that it can.


St. Mary's is driven by community service, friendship and learning.


St. Mary's University is a small campus filled with helpful students and faculty.


A warm community of family that consists of professors, faculty, staff and fellow students.


It is very small and it feels like a prison.


St. Mary's University is a school that focuses on education through the Maranist characteristics and they strive to make sure that they give their student the best academic advantages so that they go out and help the community.


Education is top notch and university process improvements continue for every year.


The campus is beautiful; it's not too small and not large enough to get lost. Faculty, staff and students are all friendly towards each other. The course load is not to be taken lightly - there is a lot of time spent doing assignments outside the classroom- but professors are always willing to help and make time for their students.


Although challenging, St. Mary's University is a wonderful community in which I have grown tremendously my first year. Professors will stretch your academic abilities, but assist you at each step of the way.


St. Mary's University is a conservative college in which both a good education and a good social life are encouraged.


"When attending at St. Mary's University, all you have to do is close your eyes and see; imagine the impossible, open your eyes, and make it possible." - Carlos Enrique Amaro, Brownsville, Tx


This school is very career-driven and accepting but it is a bit expensive.


The classes are great, as well as the teachers and the level of helpfulness, but there is just a lack of communication with from offices to students.


My school is Catholic, and spiritually conscience. Very service oriented, focused on giving back to the community, but also likes to have a good time. The advisors care, and will help the student reach their goal of attaining a degree, and are very helpful.


St. Mary's University is an exceptional institution that fills its students with knowledge and promotes independent thinking; St Mary's enables students "to juice life for all its opportunities it has to offer," as a friend once told me.


It is a helpful, welcoming, and friendly school.


A warm and friendly place to go to school.


At my school, everyone seems to know each other, and the campus is very small and intimate.


My school is very goal oriented.