St. Mary’s University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


St. Mary's is known for so many things, but if I had to chose one, I would say we are known for our community service. We give back a lot to our community to show how much we appreciate everything they have given us. Continuing the Heritage is one of our biggest community service events and we are well-known for this service day. I love it. It is so much fun and we get to help those who needed the most.


St. Mary's is best known for its emphasis on liberal arts education. Your knowledge will expand from just basic english, math, science and social studies, to the history of religion, where science originated from, books written that were either banned or forgotten about, and so much more. It is a Marianist university, but by no means do they try to force the religion on you. It is a welcoming campus that embraces the different cultures that come with the students from all over the world. The university is greatly involved with its surrounding community.


It is considered the oldest Catholic University in the United States.


My school is best know for the availabity of the faculty and the student based courses. The students form close relationships with the professors and this is why St. Mary's has such a high achievement rate. The professors are also easily able to recognize the areas that the students are struggling and hold workshops or review sessions for their students to grow stronger in that area.


My University is best know for how much we give back to our community, and are very service oriented.


My school is best know for hosting the annual Oyster Bake.


St. Mary's is known for its community outreach and volunteer programs as well as for it's school of law.


My school is best known for being a liberal arts, Marianist University. The school not only teaches the classes in order to pass in life, but crucial essentials and life lessons that will help us throughout our life.


The community service we all do. It's what defines our school


My school is best known for their academics. We do not have good sports teams because we are an academic school. It is also known for Oyster Bake, which is a huge event that invites all the people from San Antonio. Also it is known for its volunteer opportunities that they offer. Most importantly, St. Mary's is known for being a Catholic Marianist University and their services that they provide.


It's law students. I believe it among the top 10 in the States.


Community service and academics.