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St. Mary's University is really something else. Not all private universities are like it. The teachers and the community are really caring. Everyone looks out for one another. The teachers do their best the help the students succeed. There are always events going on on-campus to get students together to become one big family. The university life here really is a game changer that definitely changed my life. It is refreshing to know that at St. Mary's University you are not just some number. You are a person that is appreciated for all that you will do.


The small class sizes make for a very personal relationship between students and professors. You don't get lost in the shuffle of all the other students. You are not lost in a sea of faces, you are your own individual person that is remembered easily if you try. It was because of this environment that I am finding my "identity"


St.Mary's is unique because its a private university that offers smaller classes, well known professors and great academics. Also, some of my family have had the opportunity to attend this university and get their degree that lead them to get a well paying job. St.Mary's is unique for the reason that its a religious based university. St.Mary's also stands out by the recognition it has in San Antonio when it comes to its teachers, classes and campus.


There is a big emphasis on volunteering and helping the community which allow many opportunities to participate in.


When i first visited the campus the one thing that i noticed was the community vibe. they treat new students as if they were alreadypart of their own. they engourage community service and social activities! Also they are always there to help astudent when needed wither by meetings, email, or by phone.


Something unique about my school, compared to other schools I considered is the class size. The student:teacher ratio is very low and allows for one on one learning. The professors are able to set more convinient office hours for the students and encourage students to attend office hours even if it is simply to meet each other.


St. Mary's is small in size compared to other universities in Texas. The classes usually have no more than twenty-five students, which gives the professor the ability to know their student's on a more personal level. The school encourages knowledge from all angles, since it is a liberal arts university. You'll get to take classes ranging from religion, child delinquency, to philosophy of law, etc. Professors always help you with what they can, and always keep open communication with their students. The school offers services that help you get interviews, internships, jobs, etc.


What is different about St. Mary's compared to that of other schools I considered is their focus on service learning and social justice. Whether you are majoring in business or biology, St. Mary's makes it a point to shed light on social issues and encourages all students to not only volunteer for a day but find a cause they are passionate about and commit to it.


The first things I took into account in deciding to attend St. Mary's are quality and programs. I am a Biology major with an emphasis in Forensic Science; so a S.T.E.M. major was the right pick for me. Reputable professors, small class sizes, internships, and scholarship opportunites were also important factors. Finally, St. Mary's University has considerably higher retention and graduation rates than the other area colleges; so I know I am in good hands in terms of attaining my degree.


St. Mary's is unique becasue it truly is a campus community. Many schools boast about this but do not deliver, at St. Mary's you truly find a home. Additionally, the focus is not on money, though tuition and expenses are high, the amount of help is great if you look for it. They are concerned for you as a person.


St. Mary's is a small school, compared to other largely populated universities, where a student has the opportunity to form a close relationship with a pchrofessor. St. Mary's highly encourages students to get involved with organizations and serving the community with their Civic Engagement and Career Development Center where staff is able to help you look for various community service opportunities. You are able to feel part of a close community where people are more than welcome to help you.


The friendly atmosphere and the sense of belonging to a university rather than just becoming another number at larger universities.


St. Mary's University is unique because of the Marianist Charism, a tradition passed down from our founders. The Marianist Charism premotes family spirt, community service, inclusivity, and faith. With this foundation it allows us to be close knit & share our talents & gifts with the world. As soon as you step foot on campus it feels like you're at home because it's accepting atmosphere. My univeristy allows everyone from the staff to the students to shine & excel because we are sincere, hard working, passionate people.


St. Mary's focuses very much on the student, or at least most professors do. They will know when you missed class, are curious about you like and getting to know you. If you make an impression on them they will more than likely recommend you on jobs, conventions, etc.


The small class size and personable instructors make for a welcoming community.


The small campus is a great place to interact with others.


A transfer scholarship sold my decision to go to St, Mary's U. The science department is the most professional and pleasant group of people I have ever met. I strive for complete my degree being a non-traditional student and St. Mary's is the place for that. I am able to network with professors and outside connections for employment thru this University.


I think that the school I attend is very unique because it is tailored to meet the needs of the person that is working and taking care of a family. They offer a online enviroment that you can basically chime into at your discreation as long as you post to your assignments at least 4 days out of 7. You can speak to others as well as your instructor in a chat room and get help or work at your own pace.


The uniqueness of St. Mary's is the diversity of students here as well as the faculty staff. The faculty goes far and beyond to reach the needs of every student on campus. Teachers work one on one with students. Community service is greatly influenced as well as the different religions. St. Marys is an overall great campus that has greatly impacted my life for the better in making me mature and pushing me towards the path of success professionally and personally.


There is a strong emphasis on service and providing skills we will need for the rest of our lives.


A small home


Small, class sizes are just perfect and proffesors always have their doors open


It is small like a high school and that I just the way I like it!


It's a Catholic Marianist University, so religion plays a strong influence on most everything on campus. It is also a smaller university, which I really like, so classes are smaller and you can get more one-on-one help from your professors.


Very friendly environment. I know that most schools will say they are friendly, but I really felt it while looking for schools to attend. The faculty and staff really go out of their way to make you feel welcomed. That same friendliness has continued now that I am a student.


For a liberal arts school, there is that handful of people that genuinly do care and have good relationships with all their profesors. I think that having such a great department is the only thing that kept me from leaving this school.


The most unique thing about St. Mary's is the diversity of extra-ciricular activities available, as well as career based organizations to help better prepare you for a career in which you are interested in. Another is the availiblity of the professors to the students due to the low volume of students per class room (avg. 30).


It's close to home but still far enough to experience college life. And our football team is undefeated... of course they only played one game before the entire team got drafted to WWII and were all killed in battle. But nonetheless we're still undefeated!