St. Mary’s University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


For me, there is no worst thing. I would only say the worst thing is the price of tuition to attend, but other than that it is well worth spending for such a good quality education. It is an all around fantastic establishment.


I love my university. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change anything. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. The amount of money I have to pay and loans I have to get just to pay a year of school is the only bad thing about it. It is too much and it's geting more expensive every year. The school is great, but the overall cost of attendence is ridiculous for someone who can't afford it every year.


The worst thing about St. Mary's is the tuition cost, as well as other costs. Tuition has increased every year since being here as well as other fees and although financial aid is offered, the amount tends to force students into ridiculous amounts of loans.


The worst thing about St. Mary's is nothing at all! I love this school.


The meal plan is the worst part of Saint Mary's University. I know that many students say the same about their universities but I believe that Saint Mary's University's meal plan is the worst. I feel forced to eat food that I don't like. But its ok, I am making the most out of the situation.


The worst thing about St. Mary's, from my personal experience, was trying to join a club and receiveing communication about the meetings. This was an absolute disaster, as the facutly sponsering the clubs were unimformed and the student president very disorganized. This caused me and other students to miss important information, meetings, and took away much of my confidence in the student body.


The school is so expensive. That would have to be the worst thing. Speaking for the science majors, I do not think we are getting what we pay for. Our science labs are old and used up. There are alot of problems we experience because the labs we use are not up to par.


I consider the lack of 'fun' to be the worst thing about my school. St. Mary's University is the farthest thing from a party school, which is not neccassrily a bad thing. Here at St. Mary's education is number one, as it should it, but there's a lack a school spirit that I feel is crucial when it comes to college. These are suppossed to be the most fun years of our lives and I'm surronded by people with their noses in their books 24/7.


The amount of organizations is not enough or diverse.


The worst thing about st. marys is that we don't have many dinning options. It is a small school but it would be better if we had a restuarant that offers something besides burgers and sandwhiches.


Right now a new dining service was incorporated into the school, and a lot of students are not satisfied with the quality of the food. It is okay food but the not the best either. The meal plan and rules entering the cafeteria are also a dilema for many students. I know students have gathered and approach school officials, and hopefully a consideration and agreement can be reached.


The worst thing about my school is the location. Do not get me wrong San Antonio is a beautiful city and my schools campus is gorgeous. However the neighborhoods surrounding my campus aren’t so beautiful. I don’t really feel safe in the neighborhoods surrounding my school, so if I want to go off campus I have to drive. Other than location I love my school and there isn’t really anything horrid about my school that needs to be changed.


The worst thing about my school is the crazy new meal plan. It is very expensive and confusing. I don't find the point to it. We're just wasting money on that.


Worse thing about school is having to move out of the dorms during the winter break. For students that have a permanent job such as myself, moving can be quite a hassle trying to find a place to stay during that break. Renting a hotel for that winter break can get really expensive. Not all students get to go back home and enjoy some family time. Some need to work to pay off bills and school/school loans.


The worst thing about StMU would be the housing arrangements. After freshman year, instead of being placed in a large dorm room with one roomate, you either are put in a smaller dorm room with two roomates, or you can live in a single, very tiny room with a community bath. Honestly, both of them aren't that bad, but it is just a bit of a pain.


nothing, faculty and students are great!!!!!


Dare to dive into new experiences, find something you are passionate in each class even if it has nothing to do with your major. Ask anyone for help if ever you feel overwhelmed, people at St. Mary's are genuine & they want you to love it there as much as they do! Go Rattlers!


The worst thing about my school is the hours of operations for the library, and the fact that they're are very limited on campus jobs. I feel that the hour for a library should be 24 hours and I feel that they're should be more jobs for students who are willing to work to pay off their tuition.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the food because there are not alot of choices so I end up finding myself eating alot of the same things on a daily basis.


The worse thing about my school is the limited on-campus dinning. There is a very low selection.


Hard to find yourself in the environment unless you belong to some sort of club, faternity or soririty on campus.


This is a very hard question but I think something I really dislike would have to be the way some teachers treat student-athletes. Being a student athlete myself I sometimes felt that some teachers catered to other students more than what they would to us. Im not saying we should get more attention than other students but we shouldn't get left out to dry for doing something like representing the school.


That the library is not open 24 hours and that it not a huge campus


There are too few people, and it often feels a lot like high school socially. Also, for as small as the campus is, things often seem to fall through the cracks when it comes to the business and financial aid department, which is extremely irritating as a student. It is awful having to deal with financial issues as far into the year as midterms.


My school expects most students to remain in south Texas and often does not present many oportunities outisde of the state. They also often forget that many of the students live outside of Texas, and it can be difficult to get things done when I am home and trying to work out my financial aid or classes.


That it so expensive to go there other than that I enjoy going to that school.