St. Mary’s University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who wants an amazing college experience.


While at StMU I met so many different types of people-this school is for everyone. There are extracurriculars for everyone including and not limited to: athletics, academic clubs, honor societies, theatre arts, community service, LGBTQ organizations, sororities, fraternities, clubs coinciding with majors, and religious organizations of various types. While there is a lot to become involved in, the campus enrollment is around 4,000 undergraduate students. This makes class size small and gives students the oppourtunity to form invaluable professional relationships with their professors.


Some one who is very open minded and focused. The school has many oppurtunites for volunteer work and extracurriculars, so someone who is outgoing and very friendly. They also have standards and so those who attend should be focused and willing to work hard and to what they can to succeed.


The type of person that should attend this school or wants to attend it, is a focus and responsible person. What i mean by this is a person that is willing to sacrafice their social life for academics because St.Mays classes requires alot of responsibility and dedication. A person that is willing to go the extra mile on every paper and willing to think outside the box. The type of person who is not comfortable with just average but striving for greatnes.


Anyone who is willling to work hard and put in the effort to become successful. The majority of the students here have a plan and are incredibly ambitious. Classes are not easy and nothing is handed to you, therefore one must work for what they want to accomplish.


A person who is interested in a liberal arts education that is centered around the Catholic and Marianist traditions. It is a school that is deep in it's faith and commitment to service, but also a top-notch educational institution that does not let its beliefs get in the way of learning. Rather than hindering the education of the students, the rich Marianist tradition allows students to further their education beyond what they would have imagined.


A person who should attend this school is someone who is competitive, detailed oriented, and compassionate.


St. Mary's University is for any person who likes the feel of small classes but being a part of a large community. Any person can fit in this school! The campus life is very diverse and everyone can find their niche. There is something for everyone! Students who admire the architecure of buildings and chaples on campus. Or those who appreciate the nature present on campus. St Mary's is for people who like to build a stronger community whether on or off campus. It is also for people who are opportunity-grabbers and go-getters.


I believe that a first college generation student that is a minority should attend this university because there are so many benefits that this school has to offer. Also a person that is no afraid to get involved in campus activities. There will be plenty of oppurtunies for the students to be part of groups.


A community service oriented person would thrive well at St Mary's University. The school does a fine job of giving back to its surrounding community. Someone comfortable with a small classroom and enganging discussions would feel right at home.


Any student who is willing to put there 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} effort into there academics because every professor at this campus will make your tutition money worth every penny. Also students who love to give back the community. St. Mary's University is known for giving back to there community.


St. Mary's University is not only for catholic based students but for anyone. What I really love about StMU is the friendly environment. The staff is there for you on both a proffesional and personal level. On the religious side, StMU only informs. We have different variety of religions, many international students as well. StMU makes a well rounded student. Anyone is welcome into our community!


The only reason i would say a person should attend St. Mary's is because they are interested in attending Law school after for easy acceptance, or because they are eligible for scholarships. Someone who knows what they want to do with their life and are committed to that goal will excel at this school as proffessors are easy to get along with and point you in the right direction, someone who is looking for a huuge social life should not attend this institution.


If your the type of person who perfers small classes and a more personal relationship with professors and classmates, St. Mary's would be perfect for you. The people here balance tend to balance their educational lives and social lives pretty well. If you would like to attend school in a city with many things to do around town, San Antonio is perfect for attractions and cultural outings.


The type of person that should attend this school is one seeking one on one communication with their professors an tutors.


Someone ready to get a one to one experience in the classroom.


Someone that likes to interact with people and like the close community feeling.


A student seeking a strong science program and small classroom size.


This school is right for any person.


People who take education seriously and want to learn, to challege themselves, should attend this school. Friendly people who want to be invovled on-campus, as well as in community service, will love this school; campus invovlement and community service are both highly regarded at St. Mary's.


A young person is ideal for this school. The campus living and options are amazing. Non-Traditional students benifit by the Universitie's good name and outside connections. The professors have a great deal of respect for all students and the small classrooms are a plus for this campus.


Anyone who doesn't mind paying $30,000+ to attend school.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be career oriented and focused about school. They should want to learn and be interested in making friends and being social. The campus encourages unity amongst the students therefore it holds many programs or events to help us do so. It is a small school with small student to teacher ratios so its for someone who doesnt want to attend a big campus.


The type of person who should attend St. Mary's should be a hard worker and one who would want to give back to the community. I think everyone who would be available to attend St. Mary's should attend. Once they're on campus, I think they would be able to feel the sense of the Marinist Community.


A person looking for a new start because this school will give you all the benefits you need.


Someone looking for diversity and to make good friends.


For me, this school seems to be comprised of very wealthy, obnoxious people who use their money as power and social status. Partying and being a stanch republican is more important that humanitarian efforts. Oh and you must be Catholic, or have the apperance of such to appear innoncent and focused in your schooling.


This school is for every kind of person. There are opportunities for different personalities with different goals in mind.


A person who likes being in a small, active, and friendly environment would definetly fit in at this campus, because we are like a big family.


One who likes small class sizes, and likes a friendly environment.


people looks for a friendly community environment while maintaining strong acedemic values.