St. Mary’s University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


St. Mary's is a challenging environment and a great school, but the most frustrating thing are the core courses which overlap many of the general requirements that transfer students will have completed at other colleges/universities. These St. Mary's Core courses are required even if you have similar requirements, so that it can take a bit longer to complete one's planned degree, so planning ahead is required.


The most frusterating thing about St. Mary's is the cost. It is extremely expensive, although it is a private school.


I love everything about my school! I wouldn't change the way it was. The staff and proffesor's are really caring.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of variety of food the students have to choose from. The cafeteria is a buffet, there is a subway, and chick-fi-la, but there is little else surrounding the campus. As far as healthy food goes, the students will have to go far off campus in order to find any or buy their own from a grocery store. There are also no personal kitchens on campus so students are limited to what they can eat.


There is nothing that frustrates me about the school, in my opinion it's a great school.


The financial aid gives my family and I a lot of trouble. With constant visits to the Financial aid office, I always find myself having to go back to resolve an issue. There have been many times that my family and I discussed my leaving since my family would sometimes not have the financial ability to pay for the tuition.


The most fustrating thing about my school is on campus jobs, most people dont have cars so when trying to find jobs on campus there are none, but they're students with work study who dont take advantage of it or even go, and it fustrates me and students who dont have it (like me) and is willing to work but cant get the job or get work study in general.


Nothing is frustrating about St. Marys, it is up to the students on what they let get in the way of their studies and if it be anything, it would be ,not having enough money to attend college or being in debt with student loans.


Probably the only thing that is frustrating is the lack of shuttles. Then again, since we don't have shuttles we get a good workout from walking around campus. Aside from that I don't find anything else to be a frustration.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the student activites are not adequetly displayed in a medium where most students check. They are posted on walls and around school. The problem is that most of the time they are not taken down quickly after an event so the students dont bother to check the walls because they assume the posters on the wall are all old. The campus is pretty boring and the weight room really needs an upgrade especially for those of us who like to work out.


There is nothing bad to say about my school. I enjoyed every expereince and opportunity that came my way.




While I was looking for a school with a small class sizes, I gave up many of the social activities that big colleges offer. For example Football games.


The most frustrating thing about the school is trying to drop a class, you are required 3 signatures. One from your advisor, one from the dean, and one from the professor in whos class you'd like to attend. A lot of running around.