St. Mary’s University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone would of told me not to be overconfident in myself when it came to grades. Just because you have an A one second doesn't mean you can't get a C. You have to remain focused and dedicated to earn a certain grade.


I transfered to StMU, so I was unaware of the McNair Scholars Program. This program helps hispanic students who want to one day obtain a PhD. The program lasts for the duration of the student's time on campus and provides them with resources to conduct their own experimental research and attend conferences and symposiums. It helps tremendously when applying to graduate schools and gives research experience.


I wish I would have known it is in a bad side of town, secluded from San Antonio.


Before I came to St.Mary's University, I wish I had known how much I was going to miss my family. I had been so accustomed to seeing them everyday, I did not take as much time as I should have to cherish each moment I was with them. Because they live eight hours away, it becomes very expensive to see them whenever I feel homesick. Being away from them only makes me appreciate them more each time I see them. If it was not for FaceTime on my phone, I believe I would have gone mad.


It is a wonderful school with many resources. When a professor or staff meber says that they can help you or are there if you need anything, they truly and honestly mean it. All professors and staff are very helpful with anything you need.


Nothing really, the day I attended St. Mary's was the best day of my life. St. Mary's is my dream school and I am beyind proud of studying here. Everything I imagined it to be has been true. There is so much help being offered from the school, that it is hard to not study here.


I wish I would have known that there were not many night courses. This made it very hard to be able to have a day job and still complete my college degree. I gave up, ended leaving my job, and decided to go full-time during normal class hours (am).


Living on campus is a big distraction.


Prior to applying to St. Mary's, I attended The University of Texas - Pan American. While at my previous university, i was able to participate in various student organizations(founding one of my own) and also worked as a Resident Assistant. While I loved my previous university, I always wanted to attend St. Mary's university due to its reputation and alumni support. As a new transfer student, I was welcomed and assisted with anything i needed. The only thing I wish i had known about simply for planning would definitely have been the high cost of attendance.


Do no t major in biology! They sell it but it's not worth the pain.


I wish I would have known to start looking into internships earlier in my college career and what majors would be worth the time and money to persue. It is a very expensive school and I would have rather majored in a subject that would allow me to be employed in a position that allowed me to pay back my loans when I graduated.


Before I came to this school I wish I had known that some promises aren't always fullfilled as they said during some information sessions. I was told that St. Mary's Univeristy helps those who seek and ask for help in order to attend this school, my parents and I have been having a hard time paying for my school, even with a loan and a small amount scholarship it just isn't enough. Everytime I seek help, I get advice to get another loan and this adds to my worries.


I wish that I would have known that I couldn't transfer psychology courses in. They want me to take all of my major classes at the school. This being said, I do think it is an effective idea as they know the students are all on the same page. I also wish I would have known that they didn't accept the Hazlewood Act scholarship. They don't accept it because they are a private school.


Purchasing my textbooks from other places than the BookStore on campus would have saved me money.


Time managment is an important issue that many face when first arriving into college. My freshman year I was not accustomed to everything and soon I found myself struggling in classes. I soon found the solution. My time managment was poor and so I seeked help from tutoring and I gave myself goals in order to pick up my grades. Sure enough it is working and I am at a 3.00 rather than being at a 2.4 my freshman year.


That many of the AP classes would transfer over since StMU is very flexible with credit that is transferred in.


I have not begun attending this school as of yet. But to those folks who would like to attend at any school, I will always advise on doing research, research, research. I attended St. Philips University prior to enrolling in St. Mary's and did not know it was a two-year university until I actually bothered reading some. Please read before you leap at times, because it could definitely keep you from wasted time and effort and one less transfer!!!


I wish i would have known originally about all the places you can get tutoring as well as if you need help with your student account where you are supposed to go.


I wish I would have known how hard things would be. High school did not prepare me for any of this. I never thought I would be so overcome by schoolwork and labs and early morning practices, along with the desire to have a social life. It looks so easy on television, but it is really one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I wish I would have known how lonely it gets.


A college education requires more than academic focus and success. It requires maturity and understanding in financial matters. Before coming to St. Mary's University, I wish I would have known that college is up to me and not my parents. I'm now an adult and more responsibility is required of me now than in high school.


That the classes are a lot harder in college. Also to study a lot more.


I wish that I had known that when they said it was a small school it was a very small school. Everyone seems to be nice but, words spread like wildfire here.


I wish I had known the process and amount of time it takes to get things done that pertain to financial aid and classes. I knew how small the campus was and the way the dormitories were. The university was very appealing even with financial aid but it was at the beginning of the summer when no students were here. Now if I have a problem it becomes time consuming to get situations handled which causes frustration, that is the only thing I wish I had known before coming to this school.


I wish that I had known the difference in the study requirements for college when compared to high school. Coming from an inner city school whose primary goal and focus was to get students to graduate from high school, I was not did well prepared for the intensity of higher education. I would have taken more AP courses and would have enrolled in as many dual-credit courses as possible. I also would have researched more into university grants and private scholarships.


I wish I had known how boring this school was going to be. I would have tried to make more friends and be more sociable the first few weeks because now with the few people I know I am not aware of extracurricular activities.


The school did a great job of informing me of everything.


I wish I had known better what I wanted to do. People tell you that if you go in as "undecided" that you have plenty of time...well, you really don't. Getting everything in in 4 years is sometimes difficult enough. It makes it harder if you have to change after going for a year or more.


I wish I had known how connected it is with the local community. The campus often rents off sections for local birthday parties and whatnot to the neighbors. It is a very surreal experience to be on campus on a Saturday morning and see a seven year old's birthday party, complete with bounce house, on a college campus.


You get to learn a lot and there are too many things to do here, so I had to prepare myself and know what I wanted to get out of this school.


I wish I have known that so few of my classmates would be willing to speak up in class or ask questions. Discussions always start and end with me, and I would prefer a more varied class participation. I also wish I had had a better gauge of the academic standards.