St Olaf College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Music is a big deal here, so a ton of students are somehow involved in that. We have quite a few political and activist groups as well.


Quidditch. There are a lot of super-enthusiastic and somehow very athletic Harry Potter fanatics at St. Olaf. It's so much fun to watch, though the seeker always seems to get hurt. It's pretty intense.


It's very easy to meet people at St. Olaf, making friends happens quickly. There is no greek scene, which I actually liked. There is a lot to do apart from drinking. Frequent concerts, theater productions, dances, movies on campus are a few things to do. It is a dry campus (alcohol isn't allowed). Of course there is alcohol though, you just can't be super loud and obnoxious about it. If you want to party/drink, fear not, there are plenty of parties to be found. But if that isn't your thing, you can tune it out. It is nice because you can go to the parties, but if someone next door is drinking on a Tuesday night being loud at 3:00 AM when you have an exam at 8:00 AM the next morning it is easily taken care of. Dry campus=partying without bothering everyone around you.


Not a ton to do on the weekends, but enough to keep you busy. On weekdays there is too much going on. Lectures, recitals, and the like every night. Dating scene tends to be either random hook-ups or on the fast track to marriage. People are generally open to hanging out with pretty much anyone. It's hard to walk across campus without people stopping to chat with you.