St Olaf College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A St. Olaf student should be curious about a variety of different things and should want to become well educated in general, not just in their major area. He/she should be very interested in learning how to think intellectually and critically.


I would describe the ideal characteristics sor someone who wants to attend St. Olaf as the following: desire to expand knowledge in multiple areas of study, willing to learn, dedicated, caring for the community, and compassionate for what they do. You should be time efficient and willing to work hard. This is also a great school for someone looking to grow deeper in their faith.


I believe anyone can attend St. Olaf college. Usually it's really nice, happy go lucky people who come here. If you come here, there is at least two people who you will be great friends with.


A person in search of his/her identity in the World. St. Olaf College has such divesity in talents and gifts, it accepts anyone who loves themself for who they are. A person who is open minded to all varieties of subjects. At St.Olaf, we may be required to take classes we feel uncomfortable with but, it is about exploring and expanding our options.


A person who is not quite ready to plunge into the real world, but would like to be exposed to a strong academic support system. Also, this school is good for a person with an undecided major, becuase many of the programs here are strong.


I strongly suggest this school for someone who is self-motivated and looking for a challenge.


Good student that's also a well rounded person.